About Moonjus


Technology have transformed the way we live our daily lives, enabling us to maximize our time while we are on the move.

Having all these superb mobile apps and technology available to is great, but there is always a trade-off, such as battery life or styling.

At MoonJus we believe in promoting technology that improves our daily life as well as providing us with the image and style that we want.  We offer products the range from wearable technology such as smart watches and health bands, to portable power solution for mobile devices and their accessories. 

MoonJus sell products under categories to make it easier for our customers to identify what they need:

Mobile Apps, multimedia, and social media have transformed the way people live their lives, commute, and collaborate.  MoonJus offers power bank products to help keep devices charged and connected, as well as mobile accessories to help make the most of mobile devices.

As one of the fastest growing technology trends in the market, wearable technology is quickly moving from fad to fashion, with more and more people using wearable technology to enhance their lifestyles.  Our products include stylish smart watches that focus primarily on being a fashionable time piece while also being connected to your mobile device.  

People are finding new ways to stay healthy, whether it is understanding their physical condition, or trying new sports.  MoonJus have selected products that help with both, such as health bands that optimise your physical condition to help you reach your health goals, and stylish headphones that let you focus on your sport while enjoying you favourite music.

Our music and video category is aimed at providing innovative products for our music and video lovers, who want technology that enhance their experience, whether privately through stylish headphones with exceptional sound quality, to wireless speakers for sharing your music and videos.

Our home and travel category provides products that are suitable for people that either want technology that is easier to use at home or travellers that need technology to make their lives better while away from home, such as portable speakers to play your favourite music or videos.

At MoonJus we welcome your feedback on our products so that we can constantly improve the products we provide to our customers.  We also welcome new technology companies that are interested in promoting their products through MoonJus.  Through our Community Page we believe in helping share information about what technology is available to us, and people coming together to share their experiences.  For further information please feel free to contact us via our Contact Us page or email us at