Types of Overhead Cranes

When you start to work on a big construction project, there are many things that you need to consider, but the most important of it all it crane rental. A crane machine will complete your construction project at a much faster rate and more efficiently. A range is basically a huge machine that will lift and move heavy equipment and material from one place to another. But do you know that there are variety of cranes for rent in the market?

When you start a construction project you need to search for the right type of crane for your construction work. A crane used for a certain similar construction project might not be best for your work.

What Is An Overhead Crane?

the most common type of crane used in the construction industry is the overhead crane. An overhead crane performs the basic function of lifting and moving the heavy material from one place to another. When you will go to the cranes rental company, they will mostly show you different types of overhead cranes.

Types of Overhead Cranes

  1. Bridge Cranes

When you read the above word, then an image of bridge forms in your mind. The bridge crane is made up of 2 overhead runways built in the construction area, which is connected by either a single or a double beam. On the ends are two trucks for support and the bridge runs on the wheels of the truck which allows it to move up and down. This is further broken down into 2 classes

  • Single girder bridge crane which runs on one girder
  • Double girder bridge crane which has running support on both ends.
  1. Gantry Crane

It is similar to bridge cranes with the only difference that it does not need runways but has its own legs which run on the tracks which might be situated below or above the crane. This crane is mostly used for lightweight construction such as shipyards, small bridge construction or a construction site.

  1. Monorail Crane

Mostly used for assembly line productions. This is built in such a way that it runs on a single rail to transfer the materials and equipment throughout the construction site or factory. The rail is not necessary to be built in a singular path but can be built in curves and branches. If our construction requires work for this kind of overhead crane than you can permanently go for this type of crane rental.

  1. Jib Crane

These are singular types of cranes mounted on the walls, the corners or the floor. They are less costly, utilize less space and are easier to install and offer multiple numbers of heights and weights and have a great capacity. You will be shown a variety of jib cranes when you go to a company which provides cranes for rent.

  1. Workstation Crane

These are used and built for smaller sites and for repetitive work and take. It is mainly used by a company which requires continuous lifting and dropping off materials. It cannot withhold a lot of weight and height and are mostly used for smaller site areas. You can build your own workstation crane or you can also for get cranes for rent dc.

Emergency Tree Removal – Professionals Are Your Best Option

After strong winds or storm hits any particular area, a lot of homeowners find that the trees have fallen in their yards and on some building structures. There are times that homeowners try cleaning up the damage themselves, yet professional emergency tree removal is advised and required sometimes for immediate help.


When the tree hangs over your home or crashed into your living space, you might want to have this removed at the earliest time possible to avoid further damage to the property from exposure to elements. You also like to start repairs so that your family will have a secure and safe environment again as early as possible. Although you have some tools like a quality-made chainsaw and knowledgeable on how to use each one of them, the removal takes time as you determine the ways to get rid of the tree safely. Professionals may perform the job faster. A good tree removal service company offers solutions round the clock and provides immediate response time, regardless of your concerns.


Always see to it that the company you pick for emergency tree removal is insured. You have to remember that this kind of work is dangerous and the professionals can be injured while performing clean up. In case of an unfortunate accident, somebody who’s insured can be covered. Or else, you will end up being liable financially for the medical expenses.


Certified tree professionals and arborists can assess surrounding trees and possible hazards like trees that remain standing, yet are damaged dangerously. Moreover, professional solutions can help with the removal of the debris or dirt that might need the use of special equipment like chippers or hauling trucks.


When the trees have fallen on the power lines, building structures or home structures, getting rid of them is dangerous job even for the experts who are knowledgeable in this aspect. Instead of putting yourself at risk or risking your family’s safety, trust the job to somebody who’s trained and has the right safety equipment and gear. Trained professionals on tree removal know how to remove a leaning tree in and could help you avoid causing further damage to the property.

There are numerous companies you can count on when it comes to emergency tree removal services. But, for you to enjoy savings, settle with the most reliable local tree service Chevy Chase md provider near you that offers reasonable rates and high quality services.

Some best ways to buy traditional rugs

One can make his home look stunning by proper usage of Traditional Rugs. Though there many other varieties of rugs which also make the interiors look good, traditional rugs are considered as the perfect rug to make your look more decorative and attractive. These rugs can be purchased from a rug store where timeless patterns of different categories that is capable to transform the interior will be available. There is no better way other than using traditional rugs to enhance the appearance of sitting rooms, hallways and conservatories. In this article I am going to explain some easy methods for purchasing traditional rugs for your personal use.

Local interior store

Almost every local store in your area will be having rugs. Visit a local rug store where a wide collection of Traditional Rugs as well as various other categories of rugs are available. Local store has the benefit that you can see and inspect the rug that you are going to buy. The thrill of selecting your favorite one from a group of best choices is not explainable. Local rug store provides you an opportunity to bargain and get maximum discount. Many local shops allow periodical discounts during the period of stock disposal. This opportunity can be utilized and profits maximized.

Auction sales

At times there can be some auction sales where you can get authentic and traditional rugs. If you put in a little effort it will be possible to locate or select the exact rug that matches your taste and expectation at bargain prices. Details of auction sales in your locality can be obtained by regularly searching the newspapers.

Online auctions

At present there are some sites which offer auction facility. This method can help you to find out affordable and quality silk rugs at reasonable rates. Find out the details of online auction sales and keep on searching for quality Traditional rugs. If you are determined, no doubt, you will be able to full fill your requirement.

Bargain festival

During festival seasons most of the shops bring out their products and put them for sale at cheap prices. Keep on checking the web for finding out the festival discounts offered by different dealers and go for the best deal for the best product. With perseverance and patience you will be able to locate cheap and perfect rug matching to your requirement.

Grease Trap Cleaning Guide

Grease trap cleaning is every food service’s nightmare. However, it is necessary to clean the grease trap after every week and not more than two weeks. They can cause a lot of problems if ignored attending to.

Food services like restaurants etc. have grease trap installed in their kitchens so as to separate the oil, fat and grease etc. from the water in one container and letting the water flow by through any other container. This gesture is good but if not taken care of properly then it will prove to be a huge problem. Usually the drain cleaning services are required for grease trap cleaning but you cannot call them every week so it is better to learn how to do so yourself.

Grease trap cleaning guide

For grease trap cleaning, you will need the following things:

  • gloves
  • Mask
  • Something to cover yourself with
  • Crowbar
  • Scrapper
  • Soap, cloth and water
  • Gloves and mask

The gloves and mask are supposed to be worn properly when about to clean a grease trap. The drain cleaning services also instructs people firmly to do so. And trust me you’ll be thankful for wearing them once you start working. They are supposed to protect your skin and prevent from germs attacking you.


Either cover yourself with something or discard the clothes you were wearing after you clean.

Crowbar And Scrapper

Each needed for opening and cleaning purposes

Soap, Cloth And Water

To wash it afterwards.


  • First remove the lid carefully with a crowbar. Be extremely careful because they contain bars which if broken then needs to be replaced. Examine the grease trap properly before starting cleaning as you would have to put them all together too.
  • If there is water present in the grease trap, then first discard the water by with letting it flow or soak it up.
  • Remove the necessary parts and start scrapping with the help of a scrapper. Do not use soap or water to clean it up as it will ruin the grease trap simply scrap out the solidified grease and oils.
  • After you’re done then clean it thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Put all the parts back as they were before.
  • Pour water and check if it flows properly. If it does then your work is done and if it doesn’t then that means the grease has clogged the pipes, you will need a drain cleaning service for that.
  • Put the lid back and close it.
  • Your grease trap is cleaned without a major hassle.

Final Verdict

It is true that the grease trap proves to be a major pain in the neck if not tended too on time. The solidified grease finds its way towards the bottom of the pipes and creates a bigger problem which sometimes require replacing the entire system. To avoid such huge problems, you must clean the grease trap every week. Do not delay it for longer than two weeks as the more grease accumulates, the more difficult it becomes. Also by cleaning it every week, you can save the money you were about to spend upon the drain cleaning service NY!