How assault defense is carried out by an advocate?

Have you ever been charged with an assault?  Do you want to know more about assault defense? Then this article is meant for you.  Trying to forget it and thinking that it will vanish somehow, someday will only do harm to your situation. The sooner you contact assault defense lawyer the faster your problem and frustration will come to an end. Hereafter stop brooding about the incident and start acting by contacting a good lawyer who has proven is mettle in assault cases

Assault definition

Section 39 deals with common assault and every criminal defense attorney know this. A common assault happens when a person tries to assault somebody or when one person commits battery. Again an assault occurs when a person intentionally or unintentionally causes harm to another person using unlawful force.  Similar is the case when a person internationally applies force to another. Common assault will be charged for an invisible injury also. This charge can be framed when a person become ill through depression, shock, stress etc. Injury need not be a physical symptom.

Bodily harm is different from common assault.

One must understand that bodily harm is not same as charge for common assault. Degree of bodily damage is the factor that distinguishes assault from bodily harm.  The maximum punishments that can be ordered to both these offenses are the same and it is six months’ imprisonment. Punishment for battery resulting in injury will be ordered based on level of injury or injuries.

Common assault punishment

Often the punishment for  common assault is limited to six months’ imprisonment. Only in the cases where the assault has caused serious injuries to the victim, imprisonment for a period more than 6 months can be awarded. When a common assault case is charged after six months’ of its occurring there is provision for imprisonment for a period exceeding six months.

Common defense

There are some circumstances which the law has accepted as conducive for common offense which do not warrant imprisonment. When the accused argues and proves that the offense was committed unknowingly or unintentionally in his attempt to defend him from attack or injuries it does not constitute a cognizable offense.   The next circumstance is when bodily injuries are caused by accidents which are not created by the accused. If the accused succeeds in substantiating the above argument, the court can set him free without imposing any punishments. If the criminal defense attorney rockville md succeeds in proving the existence of any of the above mentioned circumstances in a particular case, the accused in such case will be set free.

It has been found that a number of cases of felony have been accused by persons, where in fact nothing has happened. This is a situation in real life and the assault defense lawyer    try to manipulate the case they are entrusted into something similar to the above mentioned situation. They hope such an attitude will eventually lead to the freedom of the accused from the charges leveled against him.

What Is Domestic Violence Attorney And What He/She Does

A Domestic Violence attorney is a person whose job is to protect you from domestic abuse. They specialize in Family Law and can help you if you’re a victim of domestic abuse. A domestic violence lawyer will be able to do things you wouldn’t imagine if you are a victim. They can make so many things possible. If the victim Is suffering from some sort of assault too then the assault charges attorney can also help. They do cost a lot but can help you deal with your problems in a manner no one else can.


Restraining Orders

A domestic violence lawyer can help you in getting a restraining order from your spouse or whoever else it is to subject you to domestic violence. A restraining order consists of a situation in which the required abuser wouldn’t be able to come near you and will remain at some distance. They won’t be able to contact you or harm you in any way deemed possible. If you were assaulted before then assault charges attorney can help you in locking the person in jail also provide protection while the work is under process.


If the victim appears to be married to her abuser then in some cases she happens to be hesitating before filing a divorce because of either her kids, her house, her money or consent but most of all her vulnerability and fear of not able to move on. An attorney can help you in these problems by providing proper security and giving you the push you need to be free from your unhealthy relationship for good.

Child Custody

Sometimes a mother usually stays in her bad relationship in fear of her kids being taken away from her for good. A domestic violence lawyer can help you in getting the custody for your child as well as child support from the other parent. They can provide with proper strategies and testimonies which will make it possible to get the desired custody and can squeeze support out if needed be. They will be able to guide you step by step of what might happen and what you need to do but the final decision always lies with you.

Pressing Charges

A domestic violence attorney or an assault charge attorney can help you in pressing charges and locking away your abuser or assaulter for good without the fear of having to be victimized by him/her again. These attorneys can provide the court with enough evidence to help you claim for your rights and can also help you in proving your statements hence removing the person responsible for your troubles away from you for good.

Hence from above all we conclude that if by any chance you’re suffering from some sort of domestic violence or assault of some kind then do not hesitate in contacting the assault charges attorney and file lawsuit. It takes a lot of courage and can be stressful but the fight for freedom is definitely worth it in the end. Don’t be scared of the things that could go wrong. Your lawyer will guide you step by step and you can always express your discomfort when feeling so. Once you get back on track, we can guarantee you won’t regret your decision.