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Granite is one of the most popular materials in the world. It is commonly used for kitchen and bathroom countertops. In the recent times, its popularity has increased even more. Granite kitchen countertops not only provide a great appearance for your kitchen and bathroom at a cheaper cost, but it also has other benefits. In the old age, granite was expensive and could only be afforded by the rich.

But due to its decrease in price now, everyone else can afford it too. However, due its rising demand and popularity, there are many fake alternatives out there for granite too.

Checking whether your granite countertop is real

But how should you know which granite is real and which is fake? The difference can be hard to spot, but it is not impossible. Here is how you can know if your granite countertops are fake.

The cost of the granite

Original granite countertops and its fake alternatives will definitely differ in terms of price. Research a little on how much original granite costs. Then compare the price limit to the granite countertops you have chosen. If the price of the granite is lower than the original granite countertops, it is likely to be fake. Even if it is not fake, the stone is probably of very poor quality to be that cheap. The cost should be the first thing you should check in order to figure out whether the granite is real or fake.

The appearance of the granite

This is perhaps one of the hardest differences to spot. That is because fake granite slabs are in fact made to look exactly like the real granite slabs. However, fake alternatives can often be traced with the help of careful observation. Check each slab of granite. Granite is a natural stone. This means that none of its slab will have the same appearance as the next one. It will differ in some way. If the granite slab has the same pattern as the other slabs or if it has the same repeated pattern in a single slab, it is definitely a fake slab.

The porosity of the granite

This is one of the easiest ways to the tell the difference between a fake granite and a real granite. Real granite is extremely porous. This means it will absorb water very easily unless the granite is sealed. However, you are unlikely to find sealed granite slabs because you often have to seal them on your own later on.

In the market, you will likely find unsealed granite slabs. Try pouring a little bit of water on the granite slab you are being shown. If the water is absorbed in a couple of minutes, it is definitely a real granite countertop. However, if the slab does not absorb the water at all, this means that it is not porous. That means that the granite slab is fake and not real granite as real granite stone is porous. Therefore, you should definitely do this test before buying any granite slab.

Check for the sound of the granite slab

This is another very easy test you can do to check if the granite is real or fake. Tap the granite slab with a hammer or something else. If the slab produces a ringing sound, it is real. However, if it produces a sound similar to a click only, it is fake. Keep in mind to tap lightly, you do not want to break the slab in half.


There are many other tips and tricks to check whether the granite is real or fake. However, these tricks alone will do the job of telling you if your granite countertops are real. Though, if you go to reliable granite countertop installers Fairfax, you are likely to find 100% authentic granite slabs.

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