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A big number of people value cleanliness and neatness. However, when it comes to keeping their homes clean, they become lazy. In comparison, we have people who spend their entire weekend vacuuming all the dirt from the carpets and mopping floors. Furthermore, they will also be seen wiping the countertops down. Such people are extremely conscious and will do whatever it takes until their entire house begins to sparkle. Still, at times, they are unaware of the everyday products that they are using can clog their drains. Ultimately, they have to call in drain cleaning companies every other month.

Everyday things that destroy your drains

Does this sound like you? Well, if you notice that your drains tend to clog up way too often, chances are that you are practicing some bad habits unknowingly. However, worry not, because in this article, we will teach you how to keep your drains clear.

Kitchen sinks

Let us talk about kitchen sinks first. A big number of people treat the toilet as a trash can for instant disposal of garbage. Similarly, when it comes to the kitchen sink, people use it as replacement for bins. As a result of this, they pour endless amount of grease and food items in the drain. However, they do not know that this can damage the internal functioning of the sink and result in a large clog.

Among many things that should never go in the drain, cooking grease stands on the top. This is because cooking grease can get hardened and clog the drain up.

The things that you should always avoid disposing off in your kitchen sinks include butter, mayonnaise, margarine, salad dressing, lard, and cooking oil.

In case you continue to empty all the fats and grease in your drain, there will be a build-up in your pipe that will not go away easily. Along with these, there are some other things that should never go in the drain including beans, fruit rings, animal bones, vegetables peels, beans, and coffee grounds.

These are some hard items that will give you a very tough time if they clog your sink up.


Clean toilets do not necessarily mean that it is sparkling. Rather, it also means that the drain is free from clogs and obstructions. So, make sure that you are not flushing wrong things in your toilet. There are a number of things that can result in quick and difficult clogs in the washroom. These include packaging of items. Many people do this, and hence, end up having to fix the expensive clogs.

Among that many things that you should never floss, the most common items include: kitty litter, food, gum, hair, cotton swabs, paper towel, dental floss, packing, and paper. In case you happen to flush these things, you are in for a lot of trouble.

Consequently, you may have to spend a big amount of money on getting the clogs cleared up. As a precaution, if you clog is not going away despite all the DIY methods, do not try to repair it yourself. Otherwise, you will do serious damage that you will not be able to fix. So, avoid that at all costs.

Ending note

Clogs in the drain show up unexpectedly, and at any moment due to bad practices. So make sure that you have ended bad drain practices. Rather than being lazy, dispose the waste off more responsibly and ensure that your drains are working as they should. In case you run into any problems, reach out to drain contractors Bergen right away. Any delays in this case will simply make matters worse.

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