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According to granite contractors, installing granite is way harder than maintaining it. And for sure, we agree with this statement. You have to carefully measure your countertop distance, the amount of space you require, the tiny gaps and details etc. and then cut the granite accordingly, finally installing it. Granite countertop installers usually ask people to clear up everything from the kitchen before they can get started and brings lots of templates with them. The reason is because the installation process requires ultimate precision which cannot be achieved if you don’t pay attention.

Rough Idea of countertop Installation Process

Although installation process takes up a lot of time and effort, it is best if you let the granite countertop installers handle it. However most of the people cannot afford their services and prefers to handle such things on their own. If you happen to be one of those then you have to know about the installation process, following is a rough sketch of what you are about to get yourself into:

  1. Clear out the lower cabinets, if you have them, in your kitchen.
  2. Clean out the counters as well.
  3. If you have any other countertops installed then pluck them out.
  4. Do it carefully and be sure not to destroy anything.
  5. Slowly and carefully measure the countertop areas. A granite contractor says that usually the DIY process fails because of the negligence during the measurement process.
  6. It is better to use templates when measuring the corners and places.
  7. Once done, check your granite slab and see if it requires changes.
  8. If it does then mark yourself a boundary and carefully follow it through. Remember a single small mistake can cost you your entire counter hence be careful.
  9. Once the pieces are cut then glue them up on the required places.
  10. Use silicones during the installation process, all the granite countertop installers use it too however, all this stuff is costly so see which one fits your needs.
  11. Shine it up by using the polisher or any enamel or whatever is available for you to use.
  12. Leave it as it as for a few hours and then check it by feeling it with your hand. If it feels smooth and sturdy along with strong and hard then job done correctly. If not, then there is some problem.
  13. Clear out the mess and put your things back.

Kitchen Countertop Installation Process

Hence the installation process can do done by you yourself but if you miss even a single length in your measurement then the entire slab can be completely wasted. This is why majority of the people prefer professionals like granite countertop installers to handle such work. If it isn’t utmost necessary then even we will recommend hiring a professional but each to their own choice. At least now you are aware of a bit of the process.

Final Verdict

Granite contractors va says the most difficult thing to work with is the granite slabs however it is the very definition “hard work pays” or “the fruit of effort is always sweet” because the end result of your kitchen will be extremely attractive and you will definitely be thankful for it.

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