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Sewage backup is the worst nightmare you can face. Imagine all the dirty and full of chemical water backing up from the basement. Imagine your horror, your new rugs, your sofa set and all your expensive stuff submerged in sewage water and you will have to rely on sewer cleaning companies to save your stuff.

What To Do When Sewage Water Backs Up In Your Basement

If you face sewage water backup in your basement then you will have to do some amendments ASAP. First of all this water is unsafe for you as it contains harmful bacteria and contaminants which has already destroyed all your basement but is also dangerous for your health.

  • First things first do not go in the water. You cannot cause problems to your health by going in the contaminated water.
  • Turn off the main water source or the main water valve so that more water does not gush in. Maybe the pipes of some of your appliances got burst or the water entered through the main sewer line. You do not know the reason so the main line should be turned off. Another thing is to turn off all your appliances as you do not know the culprit.
  • Turn off the electricity and the main power line. The water may reach the power outlets, switches and other electrical components which can lead to current in the water and also cause short circuits. Electrical components will worsen the situation only so if you can safely shut the electricity then do it on the spot.
  • Immediately wear gloves, boots and a mask and more safety clothes and equipment if you can. You do not want your health to suffer at any cost. Do not go in the water if not necessary.
  • Open the doors and windows immediately for ventilation as you do not want the foul smelling water to permeate your house and cause a bad smell.
  • Use a wet vacuum to clear up the sewage water. Use a shovel to collect all the dirty solid waste material and debris in buckets. Make use of old and worn out towels to soak up the water and dirt.
  • Discard all the waste furniture immediately which cannot be disinfected. This includes sofas, carpets, curtains and other things.
  • Once the water is cleared up and cleaned, then you need to disinfect and sanitize the whole basement. Using bleach to clean the surfaces and floors is very helpful.

Preventing Sewage Backup

Once you have cleared up your entire basement, you need to think about prevention. You have already faced a lot of problems and loss and you wouldn’t want it to happen again for sure.

Annual Inspection

Go for an annual inspection by an expert of all your pipes and plumbing and water lines. You will get to know if there are any leaks or issues and can get them fixed in initial stages.

Regular Cleaning

Regular drain and pipe cleaning is a must as it will clear all the clogs and debris if any.

Replace Old Pipes

Replace your old drain pipes with new ones so that there are no chances of a sewage backup. Install plastic pipes so there is no infiltration by tree roots.

Don’t Flush Wrong Things

Make sure to not flush any objects or small toys or other things down your toilets or also in your sinks and they can lead to severe blockages and cause water backups because the water cannot pass through.

No Grease

Do not wash down grease or other fats or even all the leftover or food debris in your sinks as they tend to accumulate overtime and form huge clogs and obstructions.

Use A Water Pump

Install a water pump in your basement if you face frequent water backups so that it is easy to clean all the water.

The best thing is to install a good quality backup prevention valve which will turn away the direction of water and prevent backup.

Water backup can be a big nuisance and an expert sewage cleaner can clean the area well. Hire an experienced drain contractor Tyarrytown to clean the mess and then make sure to do regular inspections to prevent it in future.

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