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Rustic, bold and classic. The farmhouse trend is slowly getting into contemporary décor and people are loving it. If you want to capture the same vibe, but with handmade rugs, then these ideas are for you.

Say Hello To Neutrals

Nothing screams “farmhouse” more than neutral and soft rug colors. If you want to turn your space into a farmhouse galore, then you need to give neutrals a go. Neutral rugs are very soft in appearance and they have a rustic and ethereal appeal that makes the room look oh-so perfect. There are a lot of neutral colors that you can choose from.

From light browns to light and medium grays, to taupe and even creamy whites, the options are endless.

A great thing about neutral colors is that décor is super easy. You don’t need to think too much about complimenting colors and matching schemes, because pretty much everything goes well with these soft and versatile colors.

Add Bold Textures

If neutral colors don’t sound right up your alley and you want something that will bring a bang to the décor, then you need to try this idea out. There is nothing wrong with wanting a bit of color in your space. However, the trick is to have a balance in the color scheme. It should be the perfect combination of light colors and a pop of vibrancy to balance everything out perfectly.

Adding a bit of color in your room with rugs is not only going to make it look more vintage and appealing to the eye, but it won’t wash out the scheme completely and you’ll end up loving the look of the room in the end.

More colors will give the farmhouse décor a more fresh touch and it will feel like a new life form is breathed into the room that looks downright irresistible. So, if you want to make your house look cozy like a farmhouse, but don’t want things to take a muted turn, then bold colors are the way to go.

When In Doubt, Go For Jute

There is something about the rough and tough jute that looks out of this world. There is no other material that can mirror the beauty and sheer robustness of jute. The color is super pretty and it is an embodiment of nature in a rug form. It’s also a very light and breezy rug that entices the senses with its wonderful textures.

If you want, you can even go for braided jute rugs and those babies will add another thick layer of texture to the entire experience and it will be just as beautiful.

Frame With Rugs

No, you don’t need to frame your rugs on the wall like a picture in this idea. This is more about framing the furniture that you put over the rug. A lot of the time, rugs are used under the dining tables or even small coffee tables for a rustic and cozy look, but you can elevate it by choosing a rug that’s slightly bigger in perimeter than your furniture’s dimensions. For a better impression, use area oriental rugs Virginia.

Employing a bigger rug is going to make the corners peek out in the shape of borders and it’s going to look like a laid-down picture frame, which sounds weird, but you’re going to have to try it to see how beautiful it looks.

A Grand Entrance

Farmhouse trend or not, you need to have a banger or an entryway for your house, and rugs are here to save the day for you. You can choose runner rugs and even a combination of small area rugs to make the entryway look like something out of a farmhouse fantasy.

It will cozy, warm, and very welcoming. That’s just the vibe you want to emanate when someone walks in the door of your house.

Cowhide Is Trendy

Another way by which you can add a rustic and cozy vibe of a farmhouse and glue it with the versatility of rugs is by adding cowhide rugs in your space. Cowhide rugs can be a hit or miss among people. Some people love it while others prefer different kinds of rugs.

However, you might want to give this idea a try before you knock it off the list because it seriously looks rustic at its best. Something about the irregular shape of a cowhide rug, combined with its unique patterns is going to change your mind and you will love it.

Play With Shapes

There is more to rugs than the boring rectangular and square shapes. Shapes can also play a vital role in making the space look awesome and circular and oval rugs are the epitome of the cozy and warm farmhouse style. These shapes are very subtle and they’re just pleasing to the eye, which makes them a winner in the farmhouse décor books.

So, if you’re stumped and don’t know which kind of rug to choose, then simply start by changing the shape of the rug. Your space will transform for the better in no time at all.

Layer It Up

Layering is also a technique that can amp up the warmth and coziness factor from 0 to 100. Layering rugs is a technique that not a lot can master, but if you have an eye for detail, then you can grasp this art and use it to make your room look more rustic, classic and a tad bit better than the contemporary style.

First, you want to nail down the size selection. You’re going to need big and small rugs for this. Next, ditch the matching and instead, go for colors that complement each other. Once you layer the rugs, you’ll see things come to life.

Plaid Is Classic

The farmhouse trend can’t be wrapped up without an honorable mention, a.k.a. the plaid rug. If you love the look of plaids and want to add a countryside flair to your space, then definitely incorporate plaid rugs in your room, because the results will be out of this world.

If you want to amp up the rustic factor then go for a black and white plaid rug and pair it with dark-colored furniture and light-colored floors. This is a combination made in color heaven that is just out of this world.

A Modern Flair

The farmhouse trend is great and all, but some people can feel like it’s dimming the modernity of rugs. It doesn’t have to. You can incorporate a combination of rugs that keeps both sides of the equation equal.

You can get modern and contemporary designs from neutral rugs that are minimalist and you can balance it out with a very rustic and equally mesmerizing rug that embodies the countryside. Balance is everything when it comes to décor and you want to do your best to make everything look understated yet eye-catching all at once.


Adding rugs is the perfect way to make your space come into a full farmhouse circle. You’ll want to cozy up and stay there forever because that’s how amazing it is. Jute, sisal, and seagrass rugs are great for farmhouse décor, but still nothing beats wool antique rugs VA if you want perfection.

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