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Garage additions might look like the simplest form of home remodeling addition, but there are lots of things you’ll have to consider when you’re adding a garage to your home.

So, here are the things that you should consider before adding a garage to your home.

Know the Local Building Codes

Before even starting to plan your project and its basics, you’ll need to know about all the local building codes first. For example, you can contact the relevant authority in your area and ask them about how close you can build to the edges of your property. Also, there might be some restrictions or special rules regarding the addition of garages in your community, see if there are any and try to follow them.

If you aren’t sure about any of these things, then it is a great idea to get in contact with a local architect builder and get recommendations from them. That is because they make their living out of this business and always know about all the local laws and restrictions.

Will It Be Attached to Your House?

Deciding between attaching a garage to your house or making it as a standalone structure can be a tricky step. Usually, people consider an attached garage the safer bet, because you can stay dry in the case of rain and can also decrease the footsteps between the garage and your house. Also, the attached garages can also be a lot more safer, and the extra place that they have can be used to store a lot of other things without any real hassle.

On the other hand, a detached garage is also liked by the people just because it helps them keep the garage noise away from their home, and they can also keep the dust away from their house.

Access the Area Well

Another important step you have to take when you’re looking to add a garage to your home is whether you have enough space to get a driveway built or not. Also, you’ll have to access the width of your driveway to keep your car safe from any obstructions. To do this, you can keep the driveway around 14 feet wide so that your car won’t be damaged if you open its doors on the driveway and there are obstructions on either one or both sides of it. For 2 cars, you’ll need almost 20 to 24 feet wide driveway.

So, the whole thing is about learning how to calculate things in a better way and how to plan well to avoid any unfortunate incidents in the future.

The Scaling Should Be Spot On

When looking to get a garage added to your house, make sure that you get the scaling right. The garage doesn’t need to be that low that it’ll scrape off the car’s roof, and not too high to dwarf your house and make everything look unbalanced.

But what if you have a small home and you want to add a large garage? Well, there is still the visual truck that you can use to make the garage look smaller as compared to the house. The way to do this is getting the garage built farther back as compared to the main gate of your house. This way, the garage would seem to be smaller when seen from the front of your house.

If you have additional space on the sides, then you can try adding the garage door to the side and add some type of window or other details to make it look like a regular part of your main house’s building.

Know How Much You Can Safely Spend

Just like all the other house addition projects, there is a budget restriction to the garage project too. These restrictions are good as they can often save us from overspending on a basic thing as a garage. When we take a look at the average prices of garage renovation or addition projects, we can come up with a price range of $9,000 to $12,000 for a single car garage.

When building home addition DC, don’t try to overdo this project and just take it as a simple addition project, you’ll save a lot by following this mindset.

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