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Whether you have hired a real estate agent or a seller’s agent for selling your home or you have just sold the house yourself, there might be some things that you have missed out.

Things to know about real estate business

These things will seem more crucial to you now after you have sold your house because you might have gotten a better price for your house. Well, what’s done is done and cannot be turned around but below are some tips for you for future and other sellers, to know before selling a house.

House selling tips from the best realtors

1. Know the Worth of Your House

Check all the price listings, rates of houses in your neighborhood and the nearby areas and get to know the worth of your house as it is in the condition you are living in so that you get a fair idea about the price.

2. You Should Have Asked for a Better Price

You have the tendency to easily underestimate your house. You may be living in your house for years and years but it will always be a new house for someone else. Take a look around the price market in your neighborhood, do some research about the practical selling rate of your house and then approach a real estate agent. These realtors and seller’s agents can easily fool you regarding the price of the house but once they get to know you have done your homework and have all the information regarding house selling then they will agree to your price.

3. Get A Pre-Listing Inspection Done

A pre-listing inspection done by a professional is a good idea as he will surely find all the faults and problems in your house and this way you will get a fair idea of what needs to be repaired and what needs to be fixed. You can get everything fixed and perfect before showing your house to the buyer because if the buyer finds a fault then he will instantly want to decrease the price and will use these faults as a way to lessen the price.

4. Get Professional Pictures Taken

Professional pictures of the house instantly attract many buyers as the professional photographs are taken from different angles and are edited which will make your house look more appealing and attractive. Regular pictures from your own phone or camera will not have the same impact on the buyer as the professional pictures.

5. Stage Up Your House

Staging your house perfectly and correctly is the key to selling your house at a higher rate and your real estate agent will not inform you about this. When buyers will come to visit your house, they will instantly get attracted by the aesthetic appeal of the house, but if there are broken lights or porch steps, peeling paint from the walls, unkempt landscape of the entrance or other hideous sights then they will instantly decide to not buy it or buy it at a very low price. Staging definitely adds a lot to your price of the house. Make sure your house and entrance is presentable and appealing to any buyer that comes by.

6. Be Prepared for Listings at All Times

When you have set up the board for sale then you will have to be prepared for uninformed visitors at all times, which means your house should always be up to mark and not haphazard. Declutter your house and remove all the extra stuff.

Depersonalize your house as no buyer would like to see your memories, personal pictures and how attached you are with your house, get fresh paint done, fix the lights, make sure the beds are made and there are pets around.

Spray air freshener for a pleasant smell in your house and keep some handy snacks to serve the guest as this all will have a very positive impact and will also impress the guests. Make sure you yourself are present at all times at the listings and also make yourself presentable.

Another tip is let the buyer look around the house themselves and you should not hover around as then they will get uncomfortable and look quickly, so let them take their time and decide.

These tips will surely help in selling your house and a sellers agent  will never tell you these tips.

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