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Choosing the right window tints can be a complicated decision considering the variety out there. Window tints have become a necessity due to changes in weather conditions and increasing security concerns. So, if you are planning to get auto window tinting and searching the market for the perfect set of window tints, here are some tips you need to keep in mind.

What Are the Types of Window Tints?

Before we discuss further, it is important for you to first be aware of the types of window tints.

Dyed Window Tints

Dyed window tints are the most affordable option available in the market. These are a good option if you have a limited budget and want to give your vehicle a dark appearance. Even though the tints will help improve the security, a major drawback of these tints is they do not last long.

The tints are simply dyed to give them a darker appearance, which means they will lose color with time. Plus, dyed window tints absorb solar heat rather than reflecting it. As a result, the interior of your vehicle is neither protected nor cooled. And the same goes for your hands and other body parts that are exposed to UV rays.

Metalized Window Tint

Metalized window tints are different from dyed window tints as they contain metallic particles that make them slightly thicker. These tints are designed with several layers and keep the UV rays out by reflecting them and not absorbing them. This protects the interior and your exposed body parts.

A major advantage of having several layers is that it makes it difficult for thieves to break into the vehicle. These tints act as a barrier. On the other hand, the tints give a shiny appearance from the outside, which makes it difficult for prying eyes to gaze inside.

However, the downside to metalized window tints is they interfere with communication devices such as the GPS, cellphones, etc. Since there are metallic particles inside, you might not be able to hear the radio or receive any calls on your phone.

Carbon Window Tint

Carbon window tints are for those who do not like the conventional shiny appearance of the tints. These window tints give the vehicle a dark, matte finish with a sleek vibe. Carbon window tints are made using hundreds of micro-layers of carbon and polymer that help block the UV rays.

As a result, the expensive interior of your vehicle is always protected. Moreover, carbon window tints do not fade with time, which makes them more durable than dyed tints. At the same time, a primary drawback of carbon window tints is that the carbon particles in the film are large.

This means the light can bounce inside the film. At times, this could result in a haze or glare making it a lot more difficult to see through.

Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic window tint is the best quality tint in the market. These tints do not contain dye or metallic particles but micro ceramic particles. This makes the tints nonmetallic and nonconductive allowing heat reflection. As a result, the interior of the vehicle is protected and does not overheat.

The best thing about ceramic window tints is they offer great visibility even during nighttime. This is because they reduce glare from oncoming traffic. On top of that, ceramic window tints are highly shatterproof as well.

The only downside to ceramic window tints is they are expensive. Although they last several years before needing a replacement there is a high price for it. So, if you are limited in your budget, these might not be an option for you.

Ceramic coating is also used for protecting the exterior of vehicles. Similar to ceramic tints, they also cost more than paint protection films Springfield.

What To Consider Before Getting Your Car Windows Tinted?

Night Visibility

The first thing you need to consider when it comes to getting windows tinted is nighttime visibility. You might be tempted to go for 5% tints but not without compromising visibility at night. Additionally, some states have strict regulations about window darkness.

If you are not able to observe the traffic around you while driving at night, you should not opt for dark window tints. Choose a window tint that not only protects you but also makes it convenient for you to drive at night.

Know The Legal Limit

As mentioned previously, vehicle owners are not allowed to go darker beyond a certain point. However, if there are security concerns, you may be able to acquire a permit. These permits are used for VIP personalities. Furthermore, if you are suffering from a medical condition, you can apply for a permit for protection against UV rays.

Keep in mind that window tint laws don’t just vary by state but also by vehicle. So, if you have an SUV or sedan, the tint laws will vary.

Define The Purpose

Knowing what you need the tints for is very important. Some vehicle owners want privacy, while others simply prefer the darker look their vehicles achieve. It could also be that the individual is suffering from a medical condition that requires minimum exposure to the sun.

If you simply want to give your vehicle a darker appearance, you can opt for dyed tints. There is no need to spend a huge amount of money on ceramic window tints. Your purpose should define the darkness and type of tints you want.

How Are Car Window Tints Installed?

The window tint installation process takes place in different stages. To begin with, the installer cleans the windows using chemicals to ensure there is no dirt and dust. Otherwise, the tints will not stick to the glass properly and will need to be replaced after a while.

Once the windows have been cleaned, the installer cuts the tint according to the dimensions of the windows. Using a liquid solution, the installer places the tints on the windows and uses a squeegee to remove the excess solution.

Now that the tints have been installed, they need time for curing. The curing process duration can vary based on external factors such as weather conditions. If the temperature outside is cold, it might take a few days for the tint to cure.

Whereas, if the temperature is hot, the tints will cure in a day or two. However, keep in mind that you cannot roll the windows up and down in both cases or the tints can start peeling immediately or after a few days or weeks.

Should I Choose A Professional For Tint Installation?

Yes, you should always and only choose a professional for installation. They might be expensive but are worth every penny. Otherwise, your tints will have bubbles that will influence the lifespan of the tint films. Soon, you will be back in the market for replacement.

However, when it comes to professionals, they are trained and possess sufficient knowledge to get the job done right each time. This means fewer risks during installation.


Before buying window tints for your car, define the purpose and opt for a tint that conforms to the rules and regulations. This will prevent you from running into problems with the state authorities. To avoid flaws and legal troubles, have the windows tinted from an authorized car window tinting shop Springfield.

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