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A critical aspect of event management is the atmosphere. The atmosphere must be relaxing, and enjoyable and sets the right tone for the message being conveyed. The ultimate aim is to make people remember for years to come. To do that, you will need to consider several important factors and combine them with careful planning and the input from event production services. Let’s know how to do it.

Strategy & Choosing The Right Partners

The first thing you need to do when it comes to improving the event atmosphere is to come up with the right strategy. Depending on the event type, the strategy may vary. For instance, an event planned to introduce a new vehicle is different from an event that showcases newly released smartphones.

Once you have made the right strategy, it is now time to choose the right partners. Keep in mind that you will come across many during the hunt and some will even go to the lengths of quoting less than the average market price. This might seem tempting to you but might be a silly mistake.

Events might look as if they are easy to manage from the outside but there are a lot of intricate details that could make or break the events if something goes wrong. So, you need someone who understands the purpose of your event and plan accordingly.

From the lighting systems to the food, you will have to put in the work to find someone who does it as efficiently as possible. The last thing you would want is the team not being able to handle a glitch mid-way through the event.

Finally, when the partners are onboard, share your event strategy with them so everyone has access to the same information. As such, you will be able to maintain the perfect atmosphere for your event without having to run around and keep an individual eye on the team.

Choosing The Right Location

Select a good location is as important as choosing the right partners. Having the right venue according to the type of event will help enhance the atmosphere. For an award ceremony or a conference, the atmosphere should be such that the attendees are comfortable throughout the event and do not feel crammed or stuck in queues.

Similarly, if there are bespoke or one-off events, you will need to choose a location that makes an impact. Keep in mind that the location you choose should be easily reachable. It should be reachable through public transport as well. Additionally, there should be sufficient parking for the attendees as well.

You can go for an indoor or outdoor event. Each have some great perks and fantastic atmosphere creation opportunities. Whichever is your selection, take help from experts like event planners, event production companies, and your team. This will ensure the attendees enjoy not only socializing with each other but also the atmosphere and the vibe.

Welcome Your Guests

First impressions count and you should give it your best to make a positive one. Train and delegate a team that welcomes the guests at the entrance and greets them with a smile and proper knowledge of the facilities. You should have enough people on the team who are available to register people for the event and hand out of event materials.

As a rule of thumb, you should have at least one host for every 50 guests to keep things efficient and organized. For conferences and other similar types of events, you will need extra support. If it is a corporate event, your team should be dressed professionally. Keep in mind that you are representing the brand/company you’re working for. For a laid-back party or event, any informal dressing is fine.

Set The Mood With Lighting

Lighting can change the mood or set a new vine for an event. This is why you see prominent vehicle brands investing in expensive lighting systems to introduce their new vehicles the right way. It’s all about making the right impression.

If you get the lighting right, you will be able to create an event atmosphere that will make it hard for people to forget. For instance, if there is a corporate event, the main focus should be the presenter and the content presented on the projector or other type of screen.

However, if there is an award ceremony, the lighting should be vibrant. The lighting engineer will change the lighting combinations with the music winner announcements, etc. In addition to that, if there is a product stand, the area surrounding the stand should be properly illuminated so that people can take a detailed look at the product displayed. Here, AV also take the center stage, so make sure you get on-board audio visual rentals Maryland for your event. More on this in the next point.

Choose The Right Music

The type of music being played at an event is also based on the event type. Calm classical or some relaxed jazz music is always a good choice. However, if the event is about new musical instruments to be released in the future, you can choose a bit of rock and country.

If the event is based on awards, you can use snippets of contemporary hits to celebrate the wins as the winners walk up on the stage. Sometimes, there may be client’s music or their recommended music to play. For example, a product launch that uses a signature tune from the brand’s ad or any other memorable stuff.

In this case, you will need to communicate with the production team and ensure the right type of music is played at the right time.

Food And Beverages

Choosing a menu that suits all tastes and requirements is very difficult. If you have a limited number of guests coming, you might be able to manage a custom menu by asking their preferences personally. However, if you have a relatively large number showing up, you will need to be updated with what is popular and current.

Furthermore, you should also use past event data for learning which dishes are preferred by attendees. This will help narrow down the options and pick the best ones. Additionally, while handing out the registration forms, you should ask if there are any special dietary requirements.

The reason is that some people are allergic or might suffer from health complications upon consuming certain types of foods. So, you should be careful about that.

On the day of the event, provide water on every table along with other necessities. You should have some extra food for unexpected guests you might show up late. You might need to hire a professional catering team as well.

This will ensure the food is served fast and fresh. If the venue has a bar, it should not have long lines of people waiting to be served. Choose healthy and energetic meals for events where lots of information is being presented and processed. But if it’s an after-party following an award ceremony, you can let it a bit loose.


Improving the event atmosphere is all about planning and choosing the right event production company MD. It is always going to be difficult but the tips mentioned above will surely help make it easy.

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