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Who doesn’t love surprises? Anyone who says that he or she does not, has either never received a surprise before or is extremely craving for one. Whatever the case, a surprise party makes you feel loved, special, and valued. In that case, have you ever thrown or planned a surprise party for someone? If not then do not consider it an easy task, as a surprise party involves many things such as secret arrangements with the party and tent rentals. This is why it is difficult to pull through.

Below is the list of things, if you follow correctly will lead you to throw the best surprise party no matter the occasion.

What Is The Occasion?

First of all, what is the occasion? Is it a surprise birthday party? A surprise graduation party, a surprise new house party, a surprise farewell party, a new baby party, a new job party, a welcome party, a marriage or engagement surprise party, or a new baby surprise party?

When you know the occasion then it is easy to plan and decide further.

The Budget

The first thing which you need to do is to set up a budget for the party. If a group of friends is giving the surprise party, then how much each is willing to pitch in, or if the parents are giving a surprise party, then what is their budget? Once you get to know the budget then you know exactly how much to spend where.

The Organizers

Surely, it’s not a one-person task but a group of people should be involved. Assign different tasks to each of them. One or two should be assigned to get to know the guest of honor’s likes and dislikes.

The Venue

Where is the party going to be? Usually, at surprise parties, the venue should be a common restaurant, club, or place where the person whom you are giving the surprise to you does not get suspicious. You can even have it at the home of a friend or family. If the budget allows then you can hire a good venue or someplace. But make sure that you can easily convince the person to come in for the surprise.

The Food

The most important highlight of any party is the food. If you are short on budget then you can set up a time in between meals, such as a high tea or after dinner late at night. Even if you have a limited budget then you can forgo the expensive stuff and have a make-your-tacos and burritos kind of party or barbeque burgers or one-bite items or even a simple pasta and bread would do.

It’s the effort and the look of happiness that will count. You can ask your friends and family to help you make things at home if the party is in your backyard. But make sure the food is ready before the guest of honor arrives.

The Guest List

Who’s attending and who is not? The guest list will depend on your budget. Connect with the poll on Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack, or Trello and let them know that the guest of honor should not even have an inkling about the whole surprise scenario. If it is just a close group of friends then everyone should be available for help of any sort.

The Decoration

Decide on a theme or even if not then the guest of honor’s favorite colors should be used. The occasion can alone suffice for the decoration. If it’s engagement or marriage then heart and balloons can be used, caps can be used for graduation celerations, and balloons for birthdays. The decoration should be up to mark.


You will need something to keep the guests occupied. Good music and a dance floor are good options, and karaoke is another option. You can even have some games for everyone to play.

The Reveal

You will need an efficient person who can call the guest of honor. Make sure the timing is perfect and that the guest of honor is convinced there is no surprise. The lights should be turned off and a yell of surprise is all you need. Make sure to click the surprised face of the guest of honor as a remembrance.


Surprise parties are genuinely fun if you can keep it a secret and get trustworthy party rentals Rockland NY. The surprising part adds to a mystery that no other normal parties can and that is the best party.

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