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Ceramic coating and paint protection films are the most popular items in the car detailing world. With car fanatics looking to protect their cars and keep them looking as good as new, it is no surprise that the demand of clear car protection film installers is at its peak. But what if you want both for your car? Let’s discuss!

What Is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating as the term suggests is a type of coating that protects the vehicle from minor scratches and bruises. While a vehicle is traveling on the road, small rocks and chips can damage the paint. Ceramic coating in that sense protects the paint. In addition to that, ceramic coating a vehicle requires quite a lot of time. The reason is that the vehicle needs to be prepared and offered sufficient time to cure.

Ceramic coating a vehicle requires a dirt and dust-free environment as well. If the vehicle is coated in a booth where dirt is ample, the dust particles will stick to the paint and will be impossible to remove. Although ceramic coatings tend to last for years, it depends on the maintenance of the vehicle. A coated vehicle needs to be washed and dried off properly using the right techniques and microfiber towels. Using low-quality tools will reduce its life.

Once a vehicle has been ceramic coated, it is offered time to cure. Curing is the process of providing sufficient time for the coating to stick to the paint properly. During the curing process, the vehicle is not supposed to be washed. Specialized curing heaters are used to speed up the curing process.

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film or PPF is the next step. While coatings are basically specialized liquids that stick to the paint of the vehicle, paint protection films are transparent films installed on vehicles. When it comes to protecting the vehicle against sharper and larger objects, paint protection films work comparatively better than ceramic coatings. Paint protection films have advanced to the point where manufacturers are producing self-healing films as well. These films upon coming in contact with the sun tend to heal themselves.

However, installing a paint protection film on a vehicle requires even more work than ceramic coating. Detailers have to first prepare the car and ensure a dust-free environment. Once it is ensured that the vehicle is free of micro contaminants and other potentially harmful content, the PPF installer move on to installing the PPF film, which is cut according to the type and model of the vehicle. Upon the installation of the film, it is given some time to cure.

Can I Put Ceramic Coating Over Paint Protection Film?

Putting ceramic coating over paint protection film is a slowly growing trend. Owners who own exotic vehicles tend to opt for both options as it provides their vehicles with double protection. Not only that, the ceramic coating adds to the shine of the vehicle as well. However, a combination of both is going to cost you a lot of money.

If you are someone who is confused between the two, it is suggested that you define your needs and preferences. If you want your car looking good as new, then you should opt for ceramic coating. However, if you wish to protect your car from stone chips, then a PPF is going to be the best option.

And if you plan on putting ceramic coating over paint protection film, then you should ensure that the detailer is using the right products. Not every product goes well with paint protection films. It might reduce the film’s life. This is why you should look for a certified detailer who knows his way around detailing tools and products.

Final Word

In conclusion, a combination of ceramic coating and PPF is ideal if you wish to keep the car protected and shining for years to come. However, you need to consider your budget as well. Ceramic coatings have gradually become affordable but paint protection films are still expensive. However, PPF films offer better protection and last longer when installed by a reputable paint protection film installer Springfield, you can enhance the protection with a ceramic coating. So, decide which option suits you perfectly and go ahead.

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