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We all dream of relaxing in a pool under the sun. If your backyard is small and you have always thought you can’t have a small, this post will change your mind. Pool builders recommend these pool ideas for small spaces.

Round Pool

A small circle that includes a spa would just be perfect for a small backyard. A round pool is a twist on the traditional rectangular and geometric designs.

L-Shaped Pool

This is another unique idea. An L-shaped pool with glass tiles on the white plaster is very complementing. It’s kind of an in-ground concrete pool to make your outdoor more fun.

Lap Pool

A lap pool is a simple solution to deal with the limitations of narrow land. You can install it parallel to your house. This would fit it into your property very easily. Make sure it’s either installed right up against the wall or along the fence line.

Plunge Pool

A plunge pool is one of those options that require very little square footage. It relies more on depth than length and width. Fortunately, contractors and designers have started to come up with ways to easily adjust a plunge pool to the backyard without compromising on the deck area. Another best thing about plunge pools is that they are easy to maintain and they let you relax in style. If you cannot decide which style is the best, go for a dipping pool.

Cocktail Pool

An amoeba-shaped cocktail pool always looks enticing. It appears like a scaled-down pool but it is much more than that. It could be an in-ground/above-ground pool or an indoor/outdoor pool. It can be used as a focal point for the backyard’s landscape. This type of pool is similar to a plunge pool but when you are taking a dip, you can enjoy drinking a cocktail. You can spice it up further by adding water features.

Garden Side Pool

It’s a free form pool that is installed in the garden to add charm to your residence. If you incorporate natural elements, this would make your pool look great even if it’s small. When you are not using it, it will look like a pond. You can make it appear more enhancing by adding water features such as an artificial lake.

Geometric Pool

Geometric pools are great in appearance. They are irregular in shape; like a missing piece of a puzzle. Don’t worry, there will be enough room for deck and sitting.


As the name implies, it is both a spa and a pool. If it’s an upgraded version of a plunge pool. If your partner wants a spa and you want a pool, but you have limited space, a spool is your solution. It has built-in jets and seats. The best part is you will still be able to use it during winter and relax.

Extra-Long Narrow Pool

When we say extra-long, we mean it. Such pools can go along the entire side of your home. They usually have no deck however, you can add steps for relaxing and sitting down under the sun. For privacy purposes, you can also add a wall of plants.

You can install inner lights and water features to add interest and make the pool more inviting. You will enjoy even the hottest days in a long and narrow pool like this.

Infinity Pool

Some homes have backyards on a slope. You can install an infinity pool by taking advantage of the slop. This creates an illusion that you have a bigger pool. Even if it’s a small backyard, you can install a petite infinity pool there. All you need is the services of a professional pool builder.

Indoor Pool

If you have unused space in your house, possibly the first floor, use it for designing an indoor pool. It’s a budget-friendly option.

Pool Waterfall

It’s one of the most unique pool styles. It’s basically a rectangular pool with water features and colored flooring at the sides.

Small backyards can have pools too. Your options are unlimited. Now, all you have to do is choose the pool style from these options and call one of the professional pool contractors Long Island to discuss your idea.

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