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Plunge pools have become very famous recently, and have seen a recent surge in demand. These pools are smaller yet more affordable options that you can explore as compared to a regular ground pool built by pool contractors.

But is a plunge pool the right choice for you? Well, let’s take a look.

What Are Plunge Pools?

In a nutshell, a plunge pool is usually more shallow and small as compared to a regular in ground pool. These pools are perfect for relaxation, and therapy. So, this automatically makes a great choice for people who need low impact exercise to keep themselves active and going. These pools are also used by athletes who use it for a speedy recovery and relaxation after intense playing sessions.

The main benefit that water based exercise has over other types of exercise is that it lowers the stress on your joints, allowing your body to relax instead of stressing out in the time of exercise. Plunge swimming pools have all these features, and this makes them a perfect choice for anyone looking to burn some extra calories.

Use Warm Water

Using warm water for swimming has been proven to help people in diseases like arthritis. Increased blood flow to the body organs in a plunge pool filled with warm water can help you overcome problems like inflammation.

For athletes, there is nothing better than a warm water plunge pool that helps them relax after a tiring exercise session. This helps in loosening the muscles, improving the blood flow in the muscles and letting them recover faster.

But there is a catch here. You have to get a separate heating system for your plunge pool if you like the water to be warm when you are in the pool. Usually, the purchase of a water warming system can add to the price of your plunge pool. So, before adding any heating system in your pool, you should ask about the base price, and what the base package includes.

Choosing The Right Size

Your plunge pool needs to be deep enough to fully submerge your body. As this is the only way to make your hydrotherapy effective.

Plunge pools are usually shallower as compared to the regular pools, but they can come in a variety of sizes and depth to choose from. The depth and other dimensions of your plunge pool will depend on your personal needs. If you are not sure, you can ask an expert and proceed with what they suggest.

The Installation Process

Plunge pools are not difficult to install. You just need to order one, and the concrete ones will be delivered in one piece. The installation in this method is very simple. But if you want a plunge pool indoors, you might face some issues.

Make the plunge swimming pool in your house easily accessible from everywhere. You can also choose to install the pool fully in the ground, fully out of the ground or partially in the ground. Mostly, homeowners choose the partially in ground option for their plunge pool, as its unique design makes accessing it easier.

What Should Be Your Budget?

You can expect to pay anywhere between $20k and $25k for a plunge pool. This is the base price for plunge pools. If you want to add other things like temperature control and some safety features, you will have to add to the base price. Even if you make a luxury plunge pool to relax in, you will still be paying less than the amount you will have to pay when getting a traditional in-ground pool made.

The cost of maintenance, and the upfront cost is lower than the traditional pool in the case of a plunger pool. It can also provide you with lots of benefits that a regular pool never can. But make sure you hire a good contractor for seamless installation of your plunge pool.

There are also many optional features that you can add to your plunge pool for more luxury and relaxation.

Do thorough research before getting a plunge pool installed by a swimming pool builder Long Island, as plunge pools can serve certain benefits better as compared to your traditional in-ground pools. But consult with an expert before building any pool.

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