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Chimney repair becomes inevitable after many years of continual use of fireplace, and the condition deteriorates further if chimney cleaning is not done periodically!

Chimney needs a repair:

Disintegrating Mortar Joints

A chimney sweep must be hired to monitor the mortar joints of your chimney. Mortar joints must be repaired as soon as possible because poor mortar joints may lead to the collapse of your chimney. This becomes an adverse condition when water, from snow and rain, undergo Freezing and Thawing in which minute cracks transform into those of substantial size. Mortar joints are also affected by the high temperatures inside the chimneys, making the chimney repairs absolutely necessary. High temperatures exert great tension on the refractory cement, causing them to lose their strength gradually.

Poor Condition of Tiles

After a brief visual inspection, defects in tiles can be easily observed such as misaligned flue tiles, broken tiles and shaling tiles (thin slices of chimney tiles pop away). This is a clear indication that the flue is damaged, which is of great concern as a chimney and fireplace can only work properly when the flue lining is of a good condition. Otherwise, chimney repair must be done at the earliest.

Spalling of Bricks

This issue is the same as shaling tiles; however, this pertains to the bricks that line the chimney. Just like shaling of tiles, the bricks pop off from the chimney. It usually happens on the exteriors and is easily identified by the masonry present at the ends. The ideal way for chimney brick repair is only to replace the old bricks with new ones.

Unappealing Wallpaper

A chimney that needs repair also shows its sign through damaged wallpaper that line it. The wallpapers seem shabby when excess moisture is absorbed within it and must be replaced as soon as possible, before continuing the use of chimney.

Destroyed Chimney Crowns

If you don’t enjoy heights, then this inspection is definitely the job of professional sweeps. They will reach to the top of your chimney to detect any cracks and other signs of damage to your chimney crown. These are particularly important as they keep away every outdoor aspect from your indoors like birds, rain and snow. That being said, the freezing and thawing of water is one of the reasons why cracks on the crowns enlarge. Thus, this issue must be addressed as soon as possible. Poor chimney crowns will ultimately lead to further deterioration of your chimney, by increasing spalling and shaling; eventually, making chimney brick repair a necessity.

Since fireplaces are usually used during the winters, now would be the perfect time to go through an extensive inspection and have the chimney brick repair md, wherever necessary, to allow your winter to go by smoothly! Simultaneous inspection and maintenance can go a long way in preventing any dangers at your residence.

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