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When it comes to moving heavy construction materials, you have to be careful of the techniques and equipment used. Since construction projects require a lot of lifting and shifting of heavy items every day, it is important to work smarter especially in terms of using the right tools for heavy machinery moving. So, let’s move the discussion ahead and see how you can move heavy construction materials with ease.


The first and most important piece of equipment is the forklift. There is a reason these machines are found at every construction site as they are used to move heavy machinery. The main purpose of forklifts is that they can easily carry heavy objects for a short distance. And since they are small and compact, maneuverability is easy as well.

Even though construction projects require heavy cranes, you cannot use them for every load out there. Every machine is designed for a specific purpose. If the load happens to be heavy and needs to be moved to a shorter location, a forklift is going to be the best option as it can easily navigate itself through rough and narrow patches.


In addition to forklifts, skates make it much easier to move and are designed just like they sound. They feature at every corner a large platform on wheels. These skates are designed to be placed under heavy machinery or loads so that they can easily glide and slide across instead of having to pick them up and unload. This saves both time and money in the long run. Otherwise, you have will have to use heavy machinery, which will simply be wasting its time and adding to the fuel costs instead of being utilized for better purposes.

Roller Skids

Some people tend to confuse skates with roller skids but there is one slight difference between the two.  They are made for the purpose of being bolted to machinery. When it comes to lifting heavy equipment, you can use a forklift or toe jack so that the roller skids can be slid into place. Once the machine lowers the weight and places it on the skids, the skids are affixed to the load, allowing the employees to push and move around the weight easily.

Toe Jacks

If you do not have a forklift at your disposal, you can make use of toe jacks. Toe jacks are designed to lift up heavy machinery from their corners, allowing the roller skids or skates to be placed underneath. However, you need to keep in mind that toe jacks operate slightly differently from other lifting equipment. Think of it as a car jack. It features a hydraulic lever to lift the load from a corner.

In addition to that, some toe jacks also come with a swivel feature allowing you to position the equipment accurately. Therefore, if you are limited in terms of heavy lifting equipment especially cranes and forklifts at your construction site, toe jacks can make a huge difference.

Lifting Straps

The best thing about lifting straps is that you can use them to lift furniture, mattresses, equipment, and appliances. Also known as the moving harness, once the equipment has been attached and lifted, only two people are required to move the load around. Although there is a huge variety available out there, but the most common tend to be two straps with adjustable loops at both ends. While the strap is placed under the moving object, the loops are worn over the forearms or shoulders.

Moving Truck Or Flatbed

Moving a truck or flatbed is important and is used when you need to move heavy equipment across a long distance. Even though it might seem like a simple lift and unload process but requires skill and expertise. This is why such machines should only be operated by professional movers. One mistake could lead to severe casualties. Depending on the state, operating heavy trucks may require special permissions and licenses as well.

Final Word

Moving heavy construction materials can be made easy by using the equipment mentioned above. However, keep in mind that you should be aware of the basics and know how to handle and use them. Define your needs and preferences so that you end up renting the right equipment from crane rentals DC.

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