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When it comes to heavy lifting and industrial rigging, contractors and workers rely on heavy tools and equipment. Considering the overwhelming variety of rigging equipment out there, it might be a little difficult to choose the right rigging equipment. That aside, using the rigging equipment the right way is more important and this has led us to share some important tips to get the job done. Let’s discuss!

Identify The Load Limit

The first thing you need to do when it comes to using rigging equipment the right way is identify the load limit. You cannot proceed without knowing how much load you are going to lift or rig. Every rigging equipment comes with a maximum load limit. This number allows the contractors to lift heavy loads safely.

The best way to find out the maximum load limit is to consult the user manual of the rigging equipment. Keep in mind that these machines are already tested by the manufacturer. So, they know how much weight these items can handle without risks. Plus, you should also comply with the local rules & regulations to prevent any accidents.

Assess Your Environment

The next most important tip is assessing your environment. Not every rigging site is the same. Some might carry relatively fewer risks while others may be surrounded by properties and neighbors that increase the risk significantly.

From the outside, rigging might seem a simple task, but keep in mind that some external and unexpected factors can lead to serious consequences. So, it is important to carefully analyze the environment and consider temperature and humidity, etc.

Although rigging equipment is very tough and rigid, some are not designed to handle extreme temperatures. You could simply risk damaging or breaking your equipment which could cause massive casualties. Moreover, humidity and winds play a crucial role as well.

If you are working near a water source such as the sea, moisture and humidity will wreak havoc as corrosion will affect the equipment. On the other hand, high winds can also imbalance the loads. If you intend to lift and shift the loads to a height, you need to make sure there are no crosswinds.

The reason is that winds can simply make it difficult for the operator to balance the loads, especially when they are at a certain height. The chances of the loads falling are more as compared to shifting them successfully. So, you should not be ignoring such factors.

Check The Equipment

Since rigging equipment is designed to lift and shift heavy loads, the reliability and durability is top-notch. But with the passage of time, these things are bound to wear and break down as well. Machines that deal with heavy loads need to be inspected on a regular basis to make sure everything is fine to prevent accidents.

There have been many incidents in the past where the contractors and operators ignored this basic tip and ended up claiming several lives. Also, it does not take much time to run an inspection on the machine before using it. If you cannot do it, ask someone to do it for you but you should make sure it is done.

Leakages and cracks etc. are common with cranes and rigging equipment and can cause the equipment to lose function and stability at a crucial point in lifting. If you spot something unusual, you should get it checked rather than using the machine.

Consider Unplanned Circumstances

There are some skills that you will learn while on the job, while others you will learn by experience. Even if the rigging equipment is working fine, anything can go wrong and you need to be prepared for it. You cannot prevent such things from happening but you can be ready.

For instance, a wire rope, sling, or chain breaking can be a nerve reckoning situation. Therefore, you need to make sure your rigging path is clear and no one is directly exposed to danger. Make a plan and list down what you can do if you face such a situation. This will help you act quickly if something goes wrong out of nowhere.


Using the rigging equipment the right way takes practice. You need to be mentally prepared for the expected and abide by the safety and maintenance practices to avoid any risks and accidents. All rigging companies MD follow strict rules and regulations for the safety of workers and the equipment. You should do the same.

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