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If you have a commercial kitchen and want to know how to run it more efficiency, these tips will help you. When you have to get commercial appliances repair service like commercial ice maker repair, try to hire a reputable company and the best technicians.

How to manage commercial kitchen

1. Focus on Ambience

The environment and the location of a restaurant are important. If you can’t locate to a better place, try to be innovative and create a better place within the place. Use your environment carefully. Make the interior elegant, use drawing, painting, flowers and lighting in a smart way. Let the customers feel they are like in a five-star restaurant. This will definitely improve the kitchen images and attract more customers who want to eat out.

2. Improve Menu

If you have not changed your menu in last three months, you are making a serious mistake. We know many restaurant appliance were really successful but with time, they have been replaced by others just because they didn’t change the menu and followed the old dishes. Be creative, get feedback from customers as well as employees and experts on how the menu can be improved. Only the continuous change can ensure your business will sustain with the passage of time.

3. Get Customer Feedback

You may not have been getting customer feedback in first few months of your kitchen, but now it is important to start getting customer feedback. Reviews and feedback are the only options to know the customers, understand them better and get suggestion. Customers find it a great way to connect with the hotel management. They know their reviews and feedback will be used for the kitchen improvement, better food quality and new dishes.

4. Create Employee Manual

The manual for employees will help you streamline the workflow and ensure better productivity at work. Staff keep changing but everyone should check the manual on and off for better job. You can monitor the employees to see if they are following the manual. Update your rules and policies with time in order to compete with other restaurants in the town.

You should also delegate workers on appliances repair sessions like when a commercial ice maker repairman arrives, there should be someone to guide him.

5. Set Up an Inventory

This is really weird when you get more customers and are at the peak hours and run out of material. This issue can be solved with an inventory. Set up the material, ingredient and other items in the inventory to stay safe when you get higher orders and more customers. The proper calculation of the material will sort out every possible issue. This way you can avoid mismanagement and keep up the good image of your restaurant.

6. Train Your Staff and Chefs

When you hire chefs and other staff, pay great attention to their skills, expertise and experience. As your business grows, invest in it by training your trusted employees and permanent staff. This will pay off at the end when they will serve the customers in a lot better way than before. You should fix a budget amount every year to introduce week long training sessions and courses from the experts, hotel managers and prominent chefs. This will truly make your kitchen better. Also keeping a reliable go-to commercial appliances repair expert also pays off.

7. Start Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to attract potential customers. Most of the small businesses are using this method and they have expanded their customer base from zero to thousands and even millions. Create a new dish and honor special customers with a free meal. This will market the dish as well the kitchen. In return, you should use the customers to market your business in potential areas and places from where you can get maximum customers.

8. Use Best Appliances

The food, vegetables, yogurt and other edibles in the kitchen should be stored. But to store them, always use quality and best appliances. Whenever you have to, hire the best commercial ice maker repair Falls Church or commercial appliances repair for your kitchen. Take care of the kitchen appliances so that they can work for a long period of time.

9. Partnership with Influencers

There are influencers in every sector. They are the trusted people and fans follow them. Choose such people who can market your business and kitchen. You will need a small budget for the influences. But the pay-out should depend on the number of customers you receive. This will surely increase your customer base and make the commercial kitchen more popular.

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