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A lot of hair salons these days are offering the Brazilian blowout. The name sounds very modern and the process is expected to do wonders on your hair too. Are you planning to get it done too? Read ahead in this article to prepare yourself for everything you should expect from it.

About the Brazilian Blowout Technique

The Brazilian blowout is a technique that is used to straighten rough, frizzy and tangled hair. A liquid keratin formula is used for this purpose. This formula is applied on the hair to form a protective layer around each damaged hair strand, hence smoothening it out and easing out the frizz as well. This formula also protects the hair against all sorts of external damage.

The process of Brazilian blowout treatment was first originated in Brazil. Today it is a trusted hair straightening treatment that is practiced in hair salons all around the world. The main ingredients that are used to create this keratin hair formula include camu camu, annatto seeds and acia berries – all of Brazilian origin.

What Does Brazilian blowout Feel Like After the Process?

After you undergo the Brazilian blowout process, the results are obvious and very promising. Your hair feels lighter and smoother. The texture of your hair is drastically improved as it becomes fizz-free, shinier, softer and silkier. The hair is made to be increasingly hydrated and prone to maximum external damage. Hence, the styling products and heat from styling tools does not kill away your hair gloss and shine.

The process does not take a very long time to complete. However, the actual time might vary between hair salons. On an average the process will take around 45 to 60 minutes – depending on many factors such as your hair texture and the type of results you are looking for. Your hair will be blow dried and styled at the end of the session. The results will last for a good 10 to 12 weeks too.

The effectiveness of the results is often a question that people wonder about. Interestingly, the results are good enough but not the best. If compared to other hair straightening treatments like extensor and rebonding – of course the results are not 100%. However, this process does not bring any damage to your hairs unlike other hair straightening processes.

100% Safe for Hair

Unlike other hair treatments and processes, the Brazilian blowout is surprisingly safe for your hair. It has been confirmed from various sources that the treatment is 100% safe for all hair types. It is also safe for color treated hair, much in contrast to popular belief. In fact, it is believed to benefit the hair texture permanently by reinforcing the moisture back into the hair strands. One of the main reasons for this process being safe for your hair is because the formula is mostly natural ingredients and very minimal chemicals are used. You should think about getting hair straightening rockville treatment.

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