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Swimming is a fun and you can find swimming pools in every part of the world. These amazing pools show the ingenuity of the expert pool builders. However, swimming pools have some interesting facts.

World famous swimming pools

Let’s check out these.

1. Pool Water Safer to Drink

Many of us consider swimming pools as huge containers of chemical water. Nevertheless, the truth is that tap water often contain more chlorine than pool water. The reason is that it is acceptable for the tap water to contain higher levels of chlorine. There is limit for pool water to keep the chemical at ideal level.

2. California, A State of Pools

California is a state with the most swimming pools. It is holding 1.1 million pools whereas New York City is a swimming pool desert.

3. The World’s Largest Residential Pool

You can find a great pool for a pool party in El Campo, Texas. This pool contains an area of three acres and carries over 600,000 gallons of water. It also holds six waterfalls and 21-foot slide. Only pool masonry contractor can construct you amazing pools using quality products.

4. Vinyl Liner Pools Are Most Common

Vinyl liner is the most popular pool material. Most of the people have lined their above ground as well as in-ground swimming pools with vinyl liner on the bottom of the pool. If you wish to have a great pool at your home, contact reputed pool builders to make your dream come true.

5. The First Major Ship Pool

It is said that the pool in the renowned ship Titanic is the first major ship pool. It was 10 by 20 feet making it medium-sized overall. The one shortcoming of this pool was that it had cold Atlantic Ocean water. That’s why taking a swim was not refreshing.

6. Marco Polo, Famous Pool Games

Marco Polo game, which is also famous as Mermaid on Rocks, is still most popular game to play in a swimming pool.

7. White House Pool

Soon after taking oath, President Gerald Ford built a pool on the White House lawn. A secret shaft there allows admittance to the pool without detected by snooping reporters.

8. World’s Largest Pool

The pool at the City Stars Sharm El Sheikh resort in Egypt is the largest pool in the world. It is covering 30 acres and it took 21 days to fill it. That is why it is Guinness world record holder.

9. World’s Deepest Pool

 Y-40 The Deep Joy of Italy is the sincere pool in the world. It is 137 feet deep and you will find it at hotel Terme Millepini, near Padua.

10. Movable Floor Pool

In Olympics held in London where they used a pool, which had a movable floor.

11. World’s Highest Pool

You will find a spectacular infinity pool on the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands. It is the highest pool in the world.

12. World’s Reddest Pool

The Library Resort in Koh Samui, Thailand is the reddest pool in the world. Its coloration is due to the blend of orange, yellow and red tiles used in the structure of the pool. You can also achieve an outstanding pool at your dream house if you contact an expert pool builder.

13. The Oldest Pool

You will find the world’s oldest pool in Mohenjo-Daro Pakistan. This pool of tight-fitting bricks dates back to third millennium BC. It included stairs on two sides for swimmers to enter and exit.

14. Deepest Indoor Swimming Pools

The deepest indoor swimming pool is in Brussels. It is 113 feet deep but upheld at 86 degrees for comfort.  Divers can take a swim without worry about hypothermia. You can also consult pool masonry contractor, who will turn your waterfall or pool into something amazing.

15. Our Forefathers Had Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are part of human history. In Egypt, there are antique drawings on walls showing people swimming. These drawings date back to around 2500 BCE. This means that people have always enjoyed a revitalizing swim in water.

You will definitely find these facts about swimming interesting and amazing. If you want to give your swimming pool a makeover, you should contact pool masonry contractor long island.

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