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Cranes are very important equipment used in the construction industry. Cranes can be easily used to move around heavy construction related materials for both small and large scale projects. Big cities we all see these days are all made because of the help of these cranes. Constructors and crane services work together to do this.

But how are these cranes made? The construction cranes are made in big factories, and heavy materials are used in making these cranes. There’s literally zero room for error when these cranes are made in factories.

History Of Construction Cranes

Heavy weight lifting equipment has been around in different shapes and forms. However, the cranes we use today have very few things in common with the equipment used for lifting weights in the past. But some basic things are common between the past and the current construction equipment.

Construction cranes date all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Those cranes use wooden parts and pulleys to lift and move around the heavy construction materials. Even the most advanced cranes for those times weren’t made with safety in mind, and animals were mostly used to power them. Arms and jibs have also been used in old cranes before they took the modern shape we see them in cranes these days.

The Crane Manufacturing Process

Due to their usage scenarios, cranes are subject to enormous pressure on a daily basis. The main reasons for this pressure are the weight of the materials, and also due to its own weight. That’s why these cranes are incredibly balanced, and the materials used in their construction are also specialized to make the crane stable.

For the construction of these cranes, high strength low alloy steel is used. SHLA steel containers lots of different materials in order to strengthen the steel. This makes the steel better to be used in mechanical operations. This type of steel also has certain elements which make it corrosion resistant, which quality cranes are best known for.

Before high strength low alloy steel, the lifting capacity of cranes used to be determined by the weight of materials used in their construction. So, to lift exceptionally heavy materials, the cranes used to be very heavy. But with heavy cranes, driving them around also used to be difficult. Heavy cranes were more expensive to assemble, move around, and disassemble. But after the use of SHLA, cranes have become very lightweight, while still retaining their strength and lifting capacity.

When making the crane, steel is molten in the first step, and then the steel is molded into different parts used to make the crane. Additionally, precision cutting tools are also used to make the crane tools precise and accurate.

Cranes parts usually leave their parent factory to be attached together in order to make the crane by attaching and welding the parts together. This process is done in a separate factory. Before selling them, cranes go through a rigorous testing process to make sure they won’t malfunction at the work site.

Controlling Systems In A Crane

The Controlling system of a crane is just like its brain which is used to control the rest of the crane like a body or skeleton. Cranes with precise controlling systems have many benefits, and a controlling system is used to enhance the efficiency of the crane as well.

Controlling systems help in operating the crane in many different ways. Here are different types of crane controlling systems.

  • Load monitor indicators are used to provide the crane operator with important details regarding boom positioning, working radius, and weight they are lifting.
  • Sway controlling systems are also used in cranes in order to control and reduce away and swing while lifting weight. Sway reduction in cranes can help decrease the stress on mechanical and electrical parts of a crane, which helps keep the maintenance costs lower.
  • Cranes also have Intuitive Book Operating Systems, which can be used by the crane operator to get important details.

These features are all designed to increase the productivity of these cranes, and keep the projects going at a smooth pace.

Final Word

Cranes are the single most common construction equipment in the construction industry. Cranes are therefore made in large quantities. While some cranes are made for very specific jobs and projects, some can be rented from crane rentals DC and used in lots of different projects.

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