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When you are losing hair profusely, you want to restore it. So the choice of options you have is either hair transplant surgery or consuming hair restoration medication. Which one is better? Well, keep on reading to find out.

Hair Loss Medication

Hair regrowth medicines are very common to be used by people, who feel as though they are losing their hair. When you feel like your hair is beginning to fall, and your hair volume is getting thinner and thinner, day by day, this is where you want to go for hair regrowth medications.

Which Hair Loss Medications Are Popular?

Hair regrowth medicines usually include minoxidil and finasteride. These medications are used in a lot of hair loss shampoos, hair regrowth treatments, etc. Only a small amount of it gives promising results. It takes some time for the medicines to kick in, but once they do, over a period of some time, they prevent further loss of hair, by strengthening the hair follicles, as well as the scalp.

Best For People Who Are At The Early Stages Of Hair Loss

These medications are especially good for people who have just started to experience hair loss, and the hair loss is still in the early phase. When hair loss is in the beginning phase, it is known as acute hair loss, and it can be fixed, by taking these medications and you don’t really need a hair transplantation procedure done, to restore your hair.

These medications can work just as fine in the early stages of hair loss and a lot of people turn their falling hair into thicker hair, and it ultimately stops, with other lifestyle modifications as well, such as a good diet and less stress.

But if you are at a point of no return with your hair loss, and you are losing a lot of hair for a long time, then these medications might not work for you and you might need to go for a hair transplantation procedure.

Hair Transplantation Procedure

Hair transplantation procedure is not everyone’s favorite. No one likes to admit that they underwent surgery to restore their hair. This results in a huge drop of confidence and self-esteem. But when there is no choice, because of severe hair loss, then you have to swallow the bitter pill.

Conventional Hair Transplant

Conventional hair transplantation procedure involves taking a part of healthy hair from your scalp and attaching it to the bald spots on your head. This results in your scalp looking a lot fuller. The only downside to this is that you have an apparent scar which is very noticeable and it is proof that you underwent a hair transplantation procedure. The scar is usually the result of the part of the hair that is extracted from your head. Nonetheless, this procedure is done a lot by many people and most people love the results.

Modern Methods

The hair transplant methods have come a long way. Now there are many newer and modern procedures which look very natural and the results are even more amazing. Procedures like follicular hair extraction, follicular unit extraction, NeoGraft hair transplantation, etc. are just some of the many modern techniques in the world of hair transplantation.

Their results are very promising and natural. It can be done on any hair type and it looks as though you didn’t go through any hair transplantation procedure. But the price of modern techniques in hair transplantation is very high.

Costly And Requires Expertise

Since these techniques are new, and not a lot of people are experienced enough to perform them, they are done by a few professionals, which costs a lot. The equipment and machinery used for these procedures are also very high, which adds to the price of the procedure as well. So, a lot of people, because of not being able to afford it, don’t go for these newer procedures. But those who can afford these procedures to get done, get the most natural and amazing results ever. You should definitely consider them if you are curious.

There you go! An in-depth comparison between hair restoration medications and hair transplantation procedure. As the surgery requires expertise, only trust the best hair transplant doctors with the procedure.

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