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If you are living in a house with limited space, you might need to make some space for your growing family. It also might be that you are a car or motorbike fanatic who loves to collect both new and old school items. However, if you have limited space, you won’t be able to park them properly. So, why not add a garage to your house? You would need an architect for home addition design and builders for the home addition process. Let’s discuss!

Decide On Garage Addition

Adding a garage to your house is a good way of increasing the value of your house. At the same time, a garage addition costs less than other home improvements like a kitchen remodel or bedroom addition.

However, a garage addition is going to require a significant amount of time and money, which means that you should thoroughly think about the process and find out if you really need it. This will help you keep focused on the project instead of thinking that you made a big mistake.

Choose Between An Attached Or Detached Garage

Once you have finally decided to add a garage to your house, the next thing you need to do is choose between an attached or detached garage. However, that will depend on your home’s layout as well as the size of your lot. A freestanding garage usually costs more to build as you will be building a totally new building. Plus, this option is also considered safe since carbon monoxide from your vehicle has no chance of entering your house. On the other hand, an attached garage will require a clear driveway.

Choose The Size Of The Garage

Then again, the size of your garage depends on the area available but the recommended size is 24 by 24 square feet. This is enough to park two cars and you will have sufficient space to walk around them as well. But if you wish to have storage space, add four feet more to the garage size.

Furthermore, the size of your garage also depends on the type of vehicles you will need to park inside. If you intend to park an SUV or a truck, you will need additional space. However, if you own regular passenger cars, you will be able to park two of them at least in a 24 by 24 square feet garage without any complications.

Plan Other Uses For A Garage

A garage can be used for other things than just parking your vehicles. For instance, you can use it as an extra storage space to keep your house from cluttering. You can also use it as a living space, studio space, workout space, or even as an office. However, if you wish to do that, make sure that you insulate the ceilings or walls, and install windows and lighting.

Garage Design And Materials

This is going to be the most important step in adding a garage to your house. The design of your garage will solely depend on the layout of your house. This is because the garage should blend in with your property instead of turning out to be a mismatch. Plus, if you are working on a limited budget, you will need to be a bit smart here.

In addition to that, the materials you opt for should both be affordable and of good quality that can withstand external factors and last for decades. Wood, vinyl, brick, etc. are the most common materials used for garages. Just make sure that your garage matches the outlook of your house.

Grow Up Instead Of Out

If you want a fully functional garage for both cars and storage along with an extra bedroom or family room, consider having a second-story addition. If you have a freestanding garage, adding a second story will work better but it depends on your home’s architecture and the available size.

While the garage can be used for storage and parking your vehicle, the second story will serve as an additional living space. However, opting for a second addition will cost you more money and labor along with installing electricity and lighting.

Final Word

Concluding, adding a garage may be an exciting process but you will need to be a bit clever if you are working with a limited budget and space. Make sure that you consult architects builders DC and spend money the right way.

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