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Imagine a situation where you think of having a long and relaxing shower and you turn on the water. As soon as you are about to step inside your tub or shower area, you see the dirty raw sewage coming in from your drains and no drain contractor to help. Imagine the horror if you would have actually stepped in the dirty and smelly water. You run outside before your gag reflex reacts.

But what if this happens with you in real life?

If you think that sewage coming in from your bathtub or shower drain is due to something wrong with that particular drain then you are wrong. There is nothing wrong with your bathtub or shower but the problem is with your main sewage line. To simplify, your sink and shower drains are connected to one pipe, while your toilet is connected to another pipe. But all the pipes connect together into one main sewage line and when there is a problem the water backs up from the shower or bathtub drain because it is the lowest of all the drains.

What Do You Do?

Well, first of all, you should turn off the water from the mainline as you do not want more water coming in from the drains. The next step is that you should call in an expert plumber to solve the underlying issue with your sewage line. Do not attempt to solve anything on your own as this issue needs an expert only.

Why Did It Happen?

Obviously, you would want to know the causes of the sewage water backup. The cause of the backup is surely a clog or clog but what caused the clog. This way you will be able to take caution if it happens next time.

  • Grease, fats, or oils that you have poured down the drains or sinks thinking it as harmless are a cause of clogs. They tend to solidify and they go down and attract other residue and debris which hardens over time leading to an obstruction.
  • Soap scum accumulated together also firms clogs in your drainage pipes. 
  • Slowly, globs of hair that you throw down your drains form balls together and also catch other residue and lead to clogs. 
  • Food debris and food peels that are rinsed and washed down from the utensils can also get trapped inside your sewerage pipes and lead to obstructions.
  • Foreign objects such as small toys or caps or any other objects thrown by kids or accidentally thrown down the drain also lead to blockages.
  • Tissue papers, wipes, toilet paper, and other soft papers also accumulate together to form clogs that catch other debris, and this forms bigger obstructions.
  • Tree roots, small rocks, and dirt can also enter the main sewage pipelines through small cracks or holes in the pipeline and cause clogs and also damage the drainage pipes

What Are The Telltale Signs?

Now you know what can cause clogs which result in water back up from the shower or bathtub. But how would you know that there is a clog? Well, you will start to notice some signs which are telling you about the upcoming clogs. 

  • If you notice slow-moving drains in many drains or sinks then surely there is a clog. If the water is going slowly down your sink or tubs, then there is something that is stopping the flow of water. 
  • Gurgling sounds coming from drains and sinks when you turn on the tap in one area or flush the toilets is a warning sign.
  • If you notice frequent clogging in your drains and you need to use drain augers or chemical cleaners then it is a sign of a serious clog.
  • If water is backing up when you load the washing machine or the dishwasher or use it for your work then a clog is coming up. The water will usually back up from the kitchen sink.
  • A bad smell coming from your sinks or drains is also a sign that durst water is coming up which is causing the bad smell.


If you notice any of these signs then you should call in rooter services quickly to solve the issue before it worsens.

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