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Childhood friends Bill Gates and Paul Allen together started Microsoft in the year 1975. The inspiration to start the new business was got from story of an Altair 8800 microcomputer which appeared in the Popular Electronics magazine. After reading the article Bill Gates offered his and his friend’s service to the Alter Company in developing a new version of the Programming language BASIC. This new version of BASIC was used by them.

Microsoft’s birth

The duo worked hard for two weeks and they were successful in demonstrating their program. This marked the beginning of the marketing of the new programming language under the name “Altair BASIC”.   The success of this programming language encouraged the friends to form a new software company. This paved the way for the formation of Microsoft and Bill Gates became the first CEO of this new company.

History of its products

Every computer performs its basic tasks with the help of the instructions contained in their operating system. The new company produced their own operating system intended to be used in the computers and it was known as UNIX.  This UNIX later became the predecessor of Microsoft word. After UNIX came their most successful operating system of those days known as MS-DOS.  This operating system was developed by Microsoft of IBM. Microsoft retained all the rights to this software and this lead them both to fortunes and the Microsoft became established as the worlds undoubted king in the realm of operating systems.

Microsoft mouse

Use of mouse as a source of instruction was introduced by Microsoft on May 2, 1983. This drastically changed the potential of computers and their uses.


In the same year release its crowning achievement an operating system named windows with a new method of graphic user interface. It also had provisions for multi tasking environment intended for IBM computers. By the year 1986, Bill Gates became the 31 year old billionaire.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a word processing software package needed for the use in offices. The software includes a spreadsheet, a word processor, business presentation programs, mail program and many more applications.

Internet Explorer

Another version of windows operating system was released in the year 1995. It included program for connecting the system to the world wide web and it is known as internet explorer. Special protocols were developed and included in the operating system which included a web browser and internet explorer 1.0.

Microsoft headquarters is now located at Redmond in Washington.

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