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Trees are a source of many benefits. When they are in your yard, they provide shade, oxygen and an aesthetic appeal. Its benefits for the environment and atmosphere are not hidden from anyone as well.  To help the environment you should plant more and more trees but there are certain instances when it gets absolutely necessary to remove a tree in emergency or need to get help from tree storm damage removal services.

Causes Of Emergency Tree Removal

  • When a tree is severely damaged by a storm or strong winds or heavy rainfall and is leaning to one side then it is dangerous for property and people nearby and it should be removed instantly.
  • When a tree has fallen on your property or your neighbors’ property due to environmental disturbance then you should remove it in an emergency.
  • If the tree is dying or sick or severely diseased and infected then it should be removed ASAP because it poses a threat to the nearby plantations and causes growth of fungus and mushrooms and the dying tree also loses its tree bark and branches may fall as well.

What To Do In Case You Need Emergency Tree Removal?

Stay Calm

First of all, you need to stay calm and patient. Others might panic and create a situation or your family members might get hysterical about the whole situation but you should be patient. If the tree has fallen then nothing can be done except bad with the family members and if it is in a dying, diseased or leaning stage then panicking and shouting will not help the situation. You need to think clearly and just empty your home or your neighbors’ home so that no one gets hurt if the tree falls.

Stay Away

Do not get too close to the tree at any cost. A tree may fall over if it is leaning or even if it is fallen on the ground, it may topple and trample you or others. It’s better to mark the area around the tree so no one goes nearby it. Do not let anyone inspect the tree or go check it. Do not attempt to remove the tree yourself but leave it for the expert arborists.

Call A Professional

Call in a professional arborist ASAP as he is trained to deal with these types of situations. They know how to tackle the danger and how to safely remove the tree in such an emergency situation. They are fully equipped with specialized tools and have the proper know how to deal with diseased, dead or fallen trees.

Trim Regularly

Trimming your trees regularly will make your tree healthy and strong. Trimming and pruning remove dead tree branches and diseased and weak branches. This ensures that the disease does not spread through the whole tree. Proper trimming and pruning may cause the healthy growth of trees and lead to stronger and firmer trees. Make sure to get your trees pruned and trimmed professionally so as to reduce the chances of any sort of accidents and diseases.

Follow Caution

Be cautious of the condition of the trees in your yard or garden. Be sure to get them assessed annually by expert arborists. Check if they are growing healthy and strong and there is no sign of tree disease or weakness or any sort of infestation. Look for trees near power lines or abnormal growth of the roots. The tree and the surroundings are already in danger if the tree is near any power line or utility lines. If there is then you should take precautions by not going near the tree or not attempting to cut or remove the tree yourself.

Don’t DIY

Most of us would like to take up the emergency tree removal task ourselves, but it’s in your best interest that you should. Because of the lack of expertise, there might be damage to anyone or anything.

Tree emergency is not a small thing but a situation which requires attention and immediate response. You shouldn’t delay calling in professional help as they will be able to better handle the situation with minimum to no damage to any surroundings. Tree removal services Maryland may charge you some money, however, it saves you from a lot of hassle.

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