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When you start to work on a big construction project, there are many things that you need to consider, but the most important of it all it crane rental. A crane machine will complete your construction project at a much faster rate and more efficiently. A range is basically a huge machine that will lift and move heavy equipment and material from one place to another. But do you know that there are variety of cranes for rent in the market?

When you start a construction project you need to search for the right type of crane for your construction work. A crane used for a certain similar construction project might not be best for your work.

What Is An Overhead Crane?

the most common type of crane used in the construction industry is the overhead crane. An overhead crane performs the basic function of lifting and moving the heavy material from one place to another. When you will go to the cranes rental company, they will mostly show you different types of overhead cranes.

Types of Overhead Cranes

  1. Bridge Cranes

When you read the above word, then an image of bridge forms in your mind. The bridge crane is made up of 2 overhead runways built in the construction area, which is connected by either a single or a double beam. On the ends are two trucks for support and the bridge runs on the wheels of the truck which allows it to move up and down. This is further broken down into 2 classes

  • Single girder bridge crane which runs on one girder
  • Double girder bridge crane which has running support on both ends.
  1. Gantry Crane

It is similar to bridge cranes with the only difference that it does not need runways but has its own legs which run on the tracks which might be situated below or above the crane. This crane is mostly used for lightweight construction such as shipyards, small bridge construction or a construction site.

  1. Monorail Crane

Mostly used for assembly line productions. This is built in such a way that it runs on a single rail to transfer the materials and equipment throughout the construction site or factory. The rail is not necessary to be built in a singular path but can be built in curves and branches. If our construction requires work for this kind of overhead crane than you can permanently go for this type of crane rental.

  1. Jib Crane

These are singular types of cranes mounted on the walls, the corners or the floor. They are less costly, utilize less space and are easier to install and offer multiple numbers of heights and weights and have a great capacity. You will be shown a variety of jib cranes when you go to a company which provides cranes for rent.

  1. Workstation Crane

These are used and built for smaller sites and for repetitive work and take. It is mainly used by a company which requires continuous lifting and dropping off materials. It cannot withhold a lot of weight and height and are mostly used for smaller site areas. You can build your own workstation crane or you can also for get cranes for rent dc.

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