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Hip pains are considered to be the most excruciating pains of them all. It hurts really badly and you are unable to sit up straight or even stand. That’s why a lot of people resort to injections for pain relief. Here is what you should know about hip pain injections.

Benefits Of Hip Joint Injections

Hip joint injections have the following benefits.

For Pain Relief

Injections have been known for instant pain relief, for a long time. Injections go directly to the affected area and show their effect within no time at all. As opposed to a pain relief pill, which first gets dissolved in the stomach and then goes into the bloodstream to act on the pain, injections immediately travel to the affected area through the bloodstream and provide relief from pain quickly. This is the reason why a lot of people tend to opt for injections for hip joint pains, rather than oral pain medication. Since hip pains are already quite troublesome, you would want instant relief from the joint pain.

To Diagnose The Pain

A hip joint injection is a concoction of several different pain killers. They are specifically made for you by your doctor, according to your symptoms. The different pain medications mixed in a single syringe goes into your body and tackles all sorts of pain. It also numbs the painful area for some time, so the medication can act fast and you don’t have to experience any pain during this process. It also helps to diagnose the area where the pain is coming from. Mostly, joints are the main cause of pain. If the joint is numb and you experience no pain at all, then it is evident that the pain is coming from the joint.

Procedure Of Hip Joint Injections

Injections in hip joints are inserted through a procedure known as fluoroscopy. Fluoroscopy is a process which helps to prick the needle in the right place with the help of X-rays. You should be careful when inserting the needle inside the hip joint, as it can pierce through any nerve and cause nervous pain. The procedure is carried out in an order as follows:

  1. The patient is hooked up with an IV, in case any sort of relaxant needs to be given to him/her if they are feeling anxious.
  2. The patient is asked to lay face down on a table and an X-ray machine is started, which will guide the technician where to prick.
  3. The skin surrounding the hip as well as the area which will be pricked is cleaned with rubbing alcohol or some sort of disinfectant.
  4. A small amount of anesthesia is also injected through a needle, which will numb the entire hip area. This will prevent any pain during the injection process.
  5. A syringe filled with the injection as well as some dye which is seen through the x-ray is inserted into the joint of the hip. The x-rays make it easier for the technician to see where to prick, avoiding any nerves or veins in the process. Anti-inflammatory cortisone and other anesthetic drugs can also be inserted into the joint, depending on the degree of pain of the patient.
  6. The contrast dye helps to provide a pathway for the injection to ensure that the medicine reaches the affected area without straying off its actual path.
After Effects Of The Pain Injections

Some common after-effects which are experienced by the patient are as follows:

  • You might feel some sort of tingle or numbness in your hip, where the injection is placed. This is completely normal.
  • The pain injection will not kick in immediately. It will take anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes for you to feel the pain diminishing.
  • You might also experience a feeling of numbness in your leg, which is also normal. This is basically the extended effect of the anesthesia, which was injected earlier.

There you go! These things are very important if you are considering getting hip injections for the unbearable pain, so that you know what you are getting yourself into. If you have any reservations or questions about it, never hesitate to ask them to your hip orthopedic specialist McLean.

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