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Quartz has so many colors to choose from. You are bound to get confused on what color of quartz kitchen top to select. Here are some key pointers you need to remember while selecting the color of quartz for your kitchen countertops.

Getting To Know The Undertones

Undertones are very important when it comes to selection of colors for your house in general, not just the kitchen. You have to survey your kitchen to get to know which type and color of quartz will look good with the rest of the kitchen. Is your kitchen neutral in color and does it require a touch of darkness? Is your kitchen overly dark and you need something to lighten it up? Is your kitchen mostly neutral toned or cool toned? These are some things you need to know first before you can go forward with the selection of quartz countertops. This is why it’s a good idea to have some samples on hand with you so that you can match those up with your kitchen and see what will look the best against the cabinets, the appliances, the interior, etc.

Go For Contrasting Colors

This is also a great tip to follow, if you feel lost and confused about what colors to choose. If your cabinets are darker in color, then lighter colored quartz will look amazing against the dark color. It will provide an element of style and give an abstract feel to the entire cabinet and the countertops.

Similarly, if your cabinets are lighter in color, then a darker colored quartz material will complement the cabinets perfectly. This is a very simple and generic tip, but it makes all of the difference.

The contrast in light and dark colors of a similar undertone will look great in your kitchen. This is where samples come in handy again. Make sure that you are getting some samples and matching them against different cabinets to find the perfect color of quartz for your kitchen.

Have A Theme In Mind

Having a color theme and tone in mind makes the work a lot easier. If you already know what type of colors you want the cabinets, countertops and the rest of the kitchen to be, and you have a solid idea what colors will look great with your steel appliances and faucets, then you know exactly what color you want to go for your cabinets and kitchen countertops.

Generally, a neutral theme is preferred, where either the cabinets or countertops are lighter in color and the remaining things are accented with a darker color of the same undertone. Having the same undertones but different hues of colors makes the entire theme tie together perfectly since the colors don’t clash with each other.

The Lighting In Your Kitchen Matters

You need to evaluate the amount of light that is coming in your kitchen too. If your kitchen is dark and not a lot of natural light comes through, then you need to select a lighter color of countertops. This will make the room look brighter and more enlarged. Darker countertop colors will tend to make your kitchen look gloomy and the space might look squeezed as well. The color you choose has to go in coordination with the natural lighting in your kitchen as well.

Colors That Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

You might not know this, but some colors can give the eyes an illusion that your kitchen is bigger than it really is. Lighter and muted colors will definitely do the trick on this one. Lighter colors and abundance of natural light in the kitchen will make your kitchen look larger and wider. Whereas, darker colors tend to shrink the place, since the harsh lines of dark colors tend to divide the room in sections. Lighter colors, on the others hand, blend in with each other and make the room or kitchen look elongated, larger and wider.

There you have it! With these tips, you are sure to select the right color for your quartz kitchen countertops, which will go perfectly with the rest of the interior of your kitchen too. If you are still confused, you can discuss it with your quartz countertop installer Rockville to show the bestselling colors.

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