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The kitchen is said to be the heart of your house and renovating a heart can be a tricky and exhausting job. Other than that, it can also lead to overindulgence in finances. If you are starting your kitchen renovation, then STOP! Read the article below and thank me later because these are the top things you will wish you knew before your kitchen remodeling.

List All The Things You Need To Change

It’s important to first of all list down what renovation you need. Do you want to renovate your whole kitchen and change each and everything or do you want to renovate some of the things to make it look completely new? It will be easy for you to focus on the things which you need renovating when you write them down.

Set A Budget

This is the most important thing to consider. If you do not have an extra cent to spare then make sure to strictly stick by your budget. Look for bargains, haggle the prices, search different vendors and do whatever you can to stay within the budget and not cross by any means.

Appliances Come First

The biggest mistake that people make while renovating their kitchen is that they leave the appliances for the last. So what happens is the whole kitchen is renovated and the space for dishwasher or refrigerator is a little less than anticipated.

This becomes a huge problem as you will have to either make further renovations to fit in the appliances or leave it as it is. Another thing that happens is that the appliances fit in perfectly but there is no space to open the refrigerator or the dishwasher and the whole kitchen looks cramped up.

Keep in account the proper space to keep the appliances and also the leg space to move around the appliances when they are being used. You can use the rest of the space for the cabinets once you have your appliances sorted out.

Keep One Thing That Instantly Attracts The Eye

This can be anything that is the center of attention for your kitchen. It can be your tiles, your floating island, your marble kitchen counter, the coffee station, the chandelier, or the backsplash. But keep in mind only one thing because as the saying goes that too many cooks spoil the broth and you don’t want your kitchen to be spoiled or look crummy or confuse the onlooker.

Pull Out Drawer Racks Are The Best Investment

Are you tired of bending and kneeling in the kitchen cabinets to look for crockery, bowls, pots, and pans? Especially if you have back pains or knee issues, it can get daunting. You don’t want to make the same mistake when you are remodeling. The best solution: pull out drawer racks. Just pull the drawer and you have everything in front of you. You can get them customized according to your spices, condiments, jars, pots, pans, and dishes.

Keep It All In One Place

Keep all your samples and matchings together in one place and carry them with you wherever you are out to purchase your kitchen stuff. Keeping samples together will make sure you get the right shade and contrast.

Little Changes Can Go A Long Way

Kitchen remodeling can get really expensive and by that, I mean really really expensive. You don’t know when to stop and when you realize it’s too late then nothing can be done. So, look at the bigger picture rather than minute details. Splurge only where necessary.

For instance, changing the color of the cabinets can change your whole kitchen. Or installing a new kitchen counter and changing the knobs of your cabinets can make your kitchen look new.

Utilize all things that can be used. If you have open shelves, then use the same for closed cabinets. This will renew your kitchen as well as keep your kitchen remodeling project within your set budget and the result will be appreciated by everyone.


Keep all the tips in mind and also take professional help. Take all the pictures and let the kitchen remodeler Silver Spring know what you want and ask them to do in your budget.

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