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Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular with each passing day. It does not necessarily have to be a fancy area but something that consists of a stove, sink, and grill along with other basic appliances preferably built by a masonry contractor. However, the most popular question regarding outdoor kitchens is what is a good size? Let’s take a look.

What Size Should My Outdoor Kitchen Be?

As mentioned earlier, a good size outdoor kitchen should come with all the basic kitchen appliances and items. In addition to that, the counter space should be at least 36 inches for smaller areas and 156 inches of counter space for those that will accommodate multiple chefs and appliances. Keep in mind that all this will primarily depend on the area available for building an outdoor kitchen.

The reason is that outdoor kitchens can be built in different sizes and designs just like indoor kitchens. This is why, when it comes to deciding how small or large the kitchen is going to be, you will need to consider the square footage available.

If the kitchen is intended to be the center of attention, you will need to draw out plans that will utilize a large portion of your yard. However, if the kitchen is just another feature that you wouldn’t use frequently, you can work with a relatively smaller kitchen and give other features more focus like a swmimming pool.

How To Size My Backyard Kitchen?

The most important factor when it comes to building an outdoor kitchen is the length. That said, you should keep in mind that outdoor kitchens must be 10 linear feet long in length. This is the minimum size of an outdoor kitchen to fulfill common kitchen needs.

A slightly larger kitchen should have a minimum length of 12-14 linear feet to accommodate additional features and appliances other than the basics. Meanwhile, a medium-sized outdoor kitchen should be a bit bigger and its size should be at least 16 linear feet.

And finally, larger outdoor kitchens feature a minimum of 20 linear feet to accommodate all the features, chefs and decorative items, etc.

Can The Guests Move Around Freely?

An outdoor kitchen is supposed to offer a good time for you and your friends and family members. This means that they should be able to move between the house and the outdoor kitchen with ease. The outdoor kitchen will only be effective and practical as long as it creates no trouble while people are relaxing and moving around.

There are several ways of making sure that there is enough space for people to enjoy their food. For instance, you can increase the size of your cooking prep slightly. You would want multiple people to walk by or move if needed.

Plus, you can build a cooking area away from any exits, and entrances so that people moving between the kitchen and the house and those enjoying food are not disturbed. And finally, increase the size of your guest space.

Is An Outdoor Kitchen A Good Investment?

A backyard kitchen can be a useful and valuable addition to your backyard if you were to use it frequently. Not only can it serve as an entertainment area but also a place where you can organize dinners and parties, keeping the main house away from all the potential mess.

Moreover, if you plan to sell your house in the future, the kitchen is most likely to give you a good return as the potential buyers would find the addition attractive and practical.

Should I Contact An Outdoor Kitchen Builder?

Building an outdoor kitchen is not possible without a builder on your side. You may have your ideas but only a contractor will tell if they are feasible depending on the available space and budget etc. So, make sure you consult a builder and define your needs and preferences. A good builder will take a look at your space, understand your preferences and come up with something even better than your original idea.

Final Word

In the end, building an outdoor kitchen is not that complicated. All you need to do is hire the right outdoor kitchen contractor Long Island and prioritize your needs. And keep the tips highlighted above in mind to utilize the available space most effectively.

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