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If you have trees in your backyard, then you will need to call in a local tree service to check the health and condition of your tree. If proper and regular care of your tree is not being followed then your tree can decay or become dead and then you will need to call a tree cutter company.

All you need to know about tree care

Trees are also living things and they also require regular care and attention to thrive and nurture to the best of their abilities. If they do not receive the desired care, then they may wilt and die. Following are some of the top tree care tips which should be carried out on a regular basis promote the growth of the tree.


New trees need water daily for at least 3 years. The initial water requirement of trees is almost 15 gallons on a weekly basis which roughly equals to 1.5 inches of rainfall. The trees need water for hydration and proper growth. Dehydration is the main reason for stunted growth and decaying in young trees which eventually calls for a tree cutter company. The proper way of watering a tree is not on the tree itself but by giving water to the soil and strengthening the roots of the tree.


The trees get a lot of nutrients in their soil in the forest through the fallen leaves, twigs, fruit, animal dung and other natural nutrients. Unfortunately, this cannot be done in your homegrown trees as for the sake of cleanliness, you tend to clean the fallen twigs, branches and leaves. Mulching is necessary for the trees as it strengthens and protects the trees. You should not pile up the mulch beside the tree in this way it will not benefit. The right way to mulch is at least 4 inches deep inside the soil and press it and then water around the mulch. Mulch your tree leaving at least 1 to 2-inch space near the tree and 1 inch on top of the ground. Keep at least 2 feet diameter around the tree clear of any debris or grass. Always use a good quality mulch for the health of your tree. You can take advice for the proper ways of mulching from a local tree service.


If your tree is planted in a place where it gets ample sunlight and has a good soil with the proper organic matter then it does not need fertilizer as the tree will create its own fertilizer through the process of photosynthesis. What mistake you might make is that you tend to over fertilize your tree which is harmful to the tree. Overfertilization can cause poison in then tree, cause yellowing leaves, cause decaying of the trees or even death of the trees. If you want to give fertilizer to your tree, then you will need to check your soil for the nutrients your tree lacks and call a local tree service to check the condition of the soil.

Tree Planting

The biggest planting mistake which people tend to make is to fit a tree in a very narrow whole and not realizing the growth space it will need in the future. This leads to the scanty growth of the trees; the tree grows in small branches or death of a young tree for which you will need a MD tree removal. You should dig at least 1 meter below ground level so that the roots can grow freely and it should have space of at least 4 to 5 meters in the diameter to grow easily. The tree should be at least 1 meter away from the house and should not disturb any gas line or pipelines.

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