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Professionals in hair salons often say, highlighting straight hair is a piece of cake while highlighting curly hair is quite a tough nut to crack. Highlighting curls isn’t a walk in the park at all. If you’re interested in learning how curls can be highlighted, read on!

Dividing Your Hair Into Various Sections Isn’t Going To Work When It Comes To Curls

What many people fail to grasp is, highlighting straight and wavy hair is easier than highlighting curly hair. That’s the reason the procedure for highlighting curls is not even close to being the same. Both of the procedures are poles apart. Therefore, forget about polarizing your hair into a number of sections because it’s not about highlighting straight hair anymore.

Here, you have to go curl by curl instead of section by section. You can’t paint a whole bunch of hair together when it comes to curly hair. This is something that sets it apart from the former. Therefore, coloring curls is far more difficult than coloring straight or wavy hair.

Balayage Is Downright Favorite For Curls As Per An Overwhelming Majority Of Colorists

When it comes to coloring curls, balayage becomes the refuge of most colorists. Hardly anyone ever recommends anything besides Balayage because it is so easy to get done. In balayage hair highlights, you can directly apply color onto your curls, hence, a lot of hard work isn’t required for such a job.

There is more scope for perfection when it is super easy to get done. That’s one of the reasons certified colorists recommend it before anything else. Balayage highlights is second to none when it comes to flawless curls, so to say.

Once Balayage Is Done, Use A Color-Friendly Conditioner To Make It Last

Things are not done once you exit the salon with a big beaming smile ascertaining success. You have to do a number of things afterwards to make sure it lingers. Even for curls, you have to use a color-friendly conditioner once or twice a week to stop the color from fading before the expected time. Aftercare is of utmost importance and it cannot be neglected easily. Make a checklist and make sure to get everything on the list ticked.

Highlighting Might Affect Your Curl Pattern To Some Extent For Sure

Highlighting doesn’t go smooth on curls — not in all cases. You need to do a thorough research on what you plan to get done at the beauty salon. Your curls can absorb a slight change in the color but it can go through a 360 degree change; it simply means if you’re a person with ravishing black hair and you’re planning to get blonde highlights, you’re at a risk of getting your curls diminished to some teeny tiny extent.

There’s no certainty that your curls would diminish a few notches every time you get your hair colored — no! There’s a chance you might get your hair highlighted without getting an iota of curls diminished. With everything said and done, you need to make sure that things are falling in place.

In Order To Avoid Dryness And Brassiness That Might Occur After The Procedure, Keep Using Hydrating Masks

Your hair is likely to remain a bit brassy, a bit dry for a certain period of time after you get your curls highlighted. It happens, folks. There’s nothing to sweat over — nothing to lose your sleep over. Just try and keep your hair as hydrated as you can because that is the key to good-looking highlights for a reasonably long time. Hydrating hair masks are available in the market and they tend to shed all your worries. So, go and buy one at your earliest!

If You Want A Redo, You Can Fix An Appointment 6 Weeks Later

There’s a lion’s share of people who don’t get enough of the highlights even after months. Just because they get used to that look, they start yearning for it when their hair gets back to its original form. If you’re the person who wants highlights to stay longer than just a few months, get a touch-up after every 6 weeks from your favorite hair highlights salon and you can have highlighted locks for as long as you wish. Hypno

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