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When it comes to kitchen countertops, the number of choices that you have are actually endless. In such cases, it might be very difficult to choose and settle with any particular type of countertop. On one hand, you have the option of buying granite countertops, on the other hand you have Quartz and other materials. 

However, the material is not the only thing that you should consider before buying countertops. Rather, there are plenty of other considerations to make.

What to consider when buying a countertop? 

Well, countertops are a one-time investment. So, do not think that you will be replacing your new countertop anytime soon. This is because a single replacement can sometimes cost you more than a thousand dollars (especially in the case of Granite or engineered stone). 

So, make sure that the countertop that you are choosing is actually worth it. In order to figure this out, you need to make certain considerations. In this article, we put together all of these considerations for you. These include: 

Thickness and hardness 

As far as the hardness goes, we recommend you to get a countertop with a Class 3 rating of hardness on the PEI scale (Porcelain Enamel Institute). As for the thickness, a standard is 5/16 inches. However, some people also prefer quarter inch countertops. Yet, some people prefer the old-school look and get thicker and even more expensive countertops. 

However, do note that with thicker countertops, the installation costs will also be significantly higher. 

The costs 

Well, you might be wondering the cost of the countertop is everything that you have to pay. However, think again! Ultimately, you will also have to cover the cost of transportation followed by installation and maintenance. These are big costs, and hence, should not be ignored. 

Sometimes, for thicker and heavy-duty countertops, the installation costs can be really high. So, before you buy any particular countertop, also consider how much would it cost to get it installed. 

Type of tile 

In general, there are two tiles that are the most popular among users. These include ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles. 

Well, as far as ceramic tiles go, they are the least expensive solution for you. Furthermore, they are also very common. So, you are likely to find a wide range of attractive designs and finishes in this type of tiles. Furthermore, ceramic tiles are made from pressed clay. After that, it gets finished using a glaze. As a result of this, it stays protected from stains and water. Without the finishing, the stains and water would seep into the material, hence damaging it from the inside. 

In the case of porcelain, the prime constituents include minerals and a mix of clay that are baked are a high temperature. In comparison to ceramics, porcelain is a pricier and yet more durable material. Moreover, it is also far more difficult to install. As a result of this, the installation costs of porcelain are noticeably higher than that of ceramic tiles. 


When you are buying a countertop, the material and type is not the only thing. Rather, the ease and frequency of maintenance is yet another factor. Generally, you should be aiming for countertops that require less maintenance and with lesser maintenance costs. 

Ending note 

Nevertheless, it is not likely that you will get everything that you need in a single countertop. Most of the times, you will have to compromise at one aspect or the other. For instance, Quartz kitchen countertops Potomac are less durable yet far cheaper and easier to maintain as compared to Granite countertops. However, it may lack that natural and rugged look that a granite top will have.

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