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There are many conventions and awareness campaigns that are carried out under supervision of drug charges lawyer these days. The main intention of these convention is to create awareness amongst the people about drug charges and its various types in context to criminal defense attorney.

Understanding Drug Charges

In this article we explore drug charges and its various types. The one important thing that need to be recognized at this stage is that

  • There are various categories and sub-categories of drug charges
  • Not all drug charges are created to be equal
  • The sentencing on each particular category of drug charges is varying and needs to be dealt with an expert drug charges lawyer.

Here is a look at the different types of drug charges in context to expert criminal defense attorney.

Type 1 – Sale and Re-Sale of Drugs

The possession, sale and re-sale of drugs is one of the most common types of drug charges that is faced by people. Expert drug charges lawyer confirm that this type of drug charges is most commonly filed in the judiciary court as well. These charges are reserved for all people who are convicted of possessing, selling or buying (with an intention to re-sale) drugs. This type of drug charges leads to imprisonment in jail for minimal 3 years.

Type 2 – Manufacturing of Drugs

This is a very serious drug charge that is lesser known about by the people. This includes manufacturing drugs such as cocaine powder, heroin or planting marijuana leaves in your vicinity. Most people who are involved in the manufacturing of drugs do not consider it to be a crime as they view it to be a certain form of business. However, the federal as well as judiciary court does not categorize it as business and manufacturing of drugs is seen as being just as big a crime as dealing in drugs.

Type 3 – Paraphernalia

You might not be aware of paraphernalia but it is a type of drug charges when you are accused or convicted of possessing drugs disguised as some other things. The main intention of paraphernalia is to sell drugs in the local markets for profits. It can be disguised as anything including talcum powders, household items, makeup or even medication.

Type 4 – Possession of Drugs

Selling, buying and dealing in drugs are drug charges that are talked about more than this type of drug charges. Possession of drugs of any form or in any amounts can be very misleading and subjected as being a serious crime and violation of law. However, this is one certain type of drug charges that requires you to hire an expert drug charges lawyer right away in case of being not guilty. There are many times when the drugs that are with you do not belong to you and might be of some friend or borrowed. These are only consequences and charges that can be dealt by an expert.

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