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It is a very important question asked by many people? Can food affect moods or what selection of food will make one create happy moods? In fact, there is no food which can divert depression or cause happiness in the mind of the eater. But there are certain diets that can influence the mood of a person. The matter is under investigation and the real facts are yet to get disclosed.  But there are some interesting clues in this regard. Some doctors believe that dietary changes can lead to changes in the brain structure both physiologically as well as chemically. These changes can lead to behavioral changes

How to use food for mood boosting?

So let us find out what are the changes that need to be made in the diet for improving the mood. Some   suggestions are given below. Try to practice as many as possible for improving the mood and for availing other health benefits accompanying them.

Don’t banish carbs, but chose the smart ones

Carbohydrates contain tryptophan which is a nonessential amino acid. But, trytophan is helpful in releasing more serotonin resulting in improvement of mood.  Fish and vitamin D are supposed to increase the serotonin level in the brain. So by eating more carbohydrates the production of serotonin can be increased and better mood can be attained. It is important to select better carbohydrates like fruits, whole grains, legumes, vegetables etc which contains more nutrients and fiber.

Consume more omega 3 fatty acids

Recent research has shown that omega 3 fatty acids found in walnuts, fish, flaxseed etc are useful in reducing depression. Past studies show that there is metabolism of omega 3 in mental depressions whereas present studies suggest that there is no evidence for the existence of strong association between them. However eating fish two-three times weekly has other health benefits also. So there is no harm in trying this method to improve the mood of a person.

Balanced breakfast

Eating balanced breakfast has been found to be very useful in improving the mood of a person according to some researchers. Good breakfast provides energy and a feeling of calmness. If a day begins in happy mood, naturally the day will continue to be happy day till the end of the day.  Skipping breakfast can result in the opposite effect like anxiety and fatigue. Some lean protein, lots of fiber and nutrients, good fats, whole grain carbohydrates etc are good combination for breakfast.


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