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Installing an outdoor fireplace not only keeps you warm and cozy during the winter months but also adds to the visual appeal of your house. As excited as you would be about getting one, there is one question that will hold you back, what should be the size of your outdoor fireplace? To answer that, we are going to look at some important factors and suggestions from gazebo builders that will help you land on the perfect size. Let’s begin!

Typical Outdoor Fireplace Dimensions

There are various factors when it comes to choosing the right size for your outdoor fireplace. Typically, an outdoor fireplace could be as small as 4x3x2, but if you were to go for a large one, it could measure 15x15x4. Another important factor is your yard size and the type of outdoor fireplace you are going to install.

Typically, homeowners choose between a gas or wood fireplace. However, wood outdoor fireplaces, when compared to gas ones are comparatively both taller and broader as they need a chimney along with a storage box underneath to store the wood.

This means a firebox of a wood outdoor fireplace will measure 24x24x16 or 61x61x41 centimeters. If you plan on installing a fireplace in your swimming pool area, you can opt for 48 inches of height and 32 inches of width. Plus, keep the firebox depth to 18 inches.

How Big Should An Outdoor Fireplace Be?

There is no universal size or standard when it comes to installing outdoor fireplaces. The reason is that everyone has different tastes and preferences. Plus, the space available also varies for homeowners as some will have a sufficient amount of space to share while others will be limited.

Regardless of the space available, the safety of the outdoor fireplace is the most important. You cannot have it too close to your home or the sitting area. That said, an outdoor fireplace will typically measure around 36 inches wide and 36 inches deep. And since this is a wood fireplace we are talking about, the chimney can go up to 84 inches.

How Much Space Is Needed Around A Fireplace?

As mentioned previously, installing a fireplace is mostly about keeping the surroundings safe. Some states have strict regulations regarding the minimum amount of space needed around fireplaces. For instance, the National Fire Code ensures that all combustible materials should be at least 9 inches or more over the firebox opening.

When it comes to space, irrespective of an outdoor or indoor fireplace, there should be at least 36 inches around the fireplace. Keep in mind that fireplaces produce sparks and flames, which means they could easily land on clothes and other materials leading to fires.

At the same time, the fireplace should be kept away from plants and other natural items so that they do not add to the fire in case one breaks out. And if you have kids in the house, you will need to install safety brackets to keep them away. But you will require an additional clearance area.

How Is A Fireplace Measured?

Measuring a fireplace is pretty easy. You simply need to grab a measuring tape and measure the width, height, and depth. And don’t forget to measure the same as the fireplace opening or firebox. Once you are done measuring the fireplace, you will now need to determine the optimum distance between the fireplace and your house.

Typically, fireplaces are installed at least 10 to 20ft away, depending on the area available, but anything closer to 10ft will be risky. On the other hand, if you plan on installing a Masonry fireplace, keep in mind that the firebox should be around 20 inches or 51 centimeters. Plus, the opening should not be more than 4 inches, and the throat at least 8 inches.

Final Word

In the end, the size of your outdoor fireplace depends on your needs and preferences, also a custom pergolas builder Long Island that you choose. However, you should follow the standard safety distance from your house and around the fireplace. This will help keep you safe and relaxed without worrying about a fire breaking out anytime. Moreover, get suggestions from your outdoor fireplace contractor about the size and distance of the fireplace from your house.

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