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It is common myth that basketball is the game for boys, but in reality girls are equally capable of playing basketball. Girls are not only made for cheerleading the basketball games, they can also play like a pro. Girls have the equal abilities that boys have. In fact, there are many basketball camps for girls that offer professional basketball training to the female athletes.

Should girls play basketball?

Of course, girls should play basketball. The game of basketball provides same benefits to girls that it offers to boys. Many basketball tournaments are organized for female basketball players at school and college level. In fact, Women NBA (WNBA) championship also exists. Although, this championship is not as popular as Men NBA but it gives name and fame to deserving female basketball players.

More and more girls should start playing the basketball game. Being a female basketball player has many benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • Basketball is a dynamic and active sport. It helps you in achieving desired fitness level.
  • Basketball is great for increasing flexibility of body.
  • Basketball can naturally develop problem solving skills in you.
  • Basketball helps you in learning the importance of team work.
  • Regular basketball practice can increase your endurance.
  • Basketball improves your confidence level.
  • School and college level basketball championships give you opportunities to showcase your talent.
  • Many colleges offer basketball scholarships to female basketball players.
  • Basketball can give you national recognition.

Basketball for girls

Even if you love girly things like shopping, makeup, wearing heels, hairstyling and hanging out with friends, you can play basketball. Basketball will allow you to enjoy both the worlds. This sport keep you fit and so you need not have to look for any other physical activity or diet to attain the desired body weight.

Parents of girl child should take initiative and encourage their child to join basketball camps that offer summer basketball training. These camps teach the basketball from very basic levels. They have coaches and supporting staff members who know how to train female players. The training duration of these camps are limited. Thus, your child can enjoy other things along with sports.

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