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Planning a seminar is a lengthsome and diligent job and you need to plan a number of things like venue, decoration, and round tables rentals beforehand. Better to be safe than sorry, therefore, plan things as early as you can.

3 Months Earlier

Finalize the Agenda for Your Seminar

Every seminar has got an agenda to fulfill. You better decide on the primary objective of your seminar. The program has to have a strong motive to convince members of civil society to come and join.

Decide on the Budget

You need to have a decent budget in hand in order to be able to organize a vibrant seminar. There are a number of necessities that you need to take care of. When it comes to money, you have to be very concise, and you simply can’t let it flow.

Shortlist a Number of Venues

You got to flip through a dozen good-looking venues and shortlist only a few of them. Since there are tons of options available out there, it can be a toilsome work to come up with one final choice, therefore, you are suggested to simply flick through a large list of venues and shortlist a handful of them in advance.

Choose Distinguished Speakers

Now comes the most significant part of your seminar. Once the objective has been chosen, the people to speak and impart their opinion on that particular objective should also be finalized. You need to rubber-stamp a select few names that can make your seminar go places.

Look Out for a Sponsor with Deep Pockets

It is not incumbent on you to bear all the seminar expenses yourself. You can certainly look out for a pair of sponsors who can finance your event. There are some sponsors who are almost always willing to sponsor intellectually-stimulating events and seminars. Google them right away!

2 Months Earlier

Inviting Speakers

Public speakers have a list of events lined down, therefore, you need to book them before they can only be sorry to you. Do not forget to invite them a month or two in advance; It is extremely important to ask them for their time.

Create Your Pages and Website

It is almost inevitable to promote yourself on social media. If you don’t speak highly about your seminar, how would people be interested in attending it? Make official pages on all social media platforms and also do not forget to make an official website.

Promote Your Event with Full Zeal

Do everything to promote your seminar and do not leave any chances for the failure of it. The more it gets promoted, the more successful it is likely to become. Show some energy and fervor to promote the event.

Get the Event Drafted

List out all the details of the event. Every tiny detail should be in your sight. Enlist a draft covering all big and small parts of your up and coming seminar. It is better to go fully organized, so come up with a draft.

1 Month Earlier

Remind Your Financers Once Again

Do not let your sponsors run away. Remind them of the event once again, so they get all the bills cleared in time. Just leave them with a gentle reminder, and they will take care of the rest.

Schedule Your Vendors – Event Rentals, Caterers, Etc.

Do not forget to call the business event rentals, decorators and caterers and everyone who is important for your seminar. You must be offering some sort of refreshment to your guests at the seminar, so let the right people cater at your event.

The venue should also look as per the theme of the seminar, a stage has to be made for the guest-speakers. Therefore, hire an affordable decorator and let him see to your needs.

Encourage People to Participate

Contact all the people you know in-person and encourage them to join you at the seminar. Convince them that it’s important to be attended.

Design a Script

There should be a proper script for seminar. Design this script perfectly and deliver it the day it is meant to be delivered on.

Hire a Moderator

Along with the guest-speakers, there should be a moderator to ask relevant questions and handle the honorable session.

1 Day Earlier

Review and Check All the Boxes

Go through every single thing you planned and tick all the boxes. Do check with decorators and tent rentals MD if they have arranged the venue for you… and eventually, let the event take place.

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