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My family consists of myself, my husband and our two sons. We were living in a small house owned by us.  Even though our home has every basic utility like living room, dining room, kitchen etc we did not have a garage which remained as a unavoidable necessity. So when we could save some money by avoiding unnecessary expenditure, we started thinking about garage addition.

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Soon we started realizing that a garage is a very much needed addition to our house. This garage is needed not only to keep our car protected from whether and thieves; it was needed for my husband to use it as a work place as well as a storage area. So we searched online for ideas to build the garage ourselves. We would not have been possible to build the garage if it was entrusted to somebody else, due to the expenses involved in hiring a home improvement contractor. Even though I and my husband have not done any small work before other than making a small work bench, we could make perfect plans for constructing the required garage with all the intended facilities like space of work and using as storage area.

The plan was very simple and easily executable as it contained the details of all the dimensions of the garage and details of all the materials needed for building the garage. We could even take the blueprints and diagrams needed for constructing the garage from the web.

In addition to both of us, some of our common friends also volunteered to help us for completing the garage building work easily and conveniently. It took about two months for all of us for completing the full construction work of the garage. Fortunately the construction of the garage became a grand success and we are all happy and very impressed about at the quality of the completed garage. The additional space so got in the garage is now used for storing the toys and bicycles of our children and their games and gaming materials. The lawn equipment similar items are also now finding their safe storage  place in the garage.

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With the help of simple garage plans my husband could choose the perfect garage needed for us when I also participated in the selection process and give him support in all the good things that he planned to accomplish. The addition of a garage gave a lot of comfort to us. Our vehicle could rest comfortably braving unfriendly climate.  He could also get additional space for using as his work area.  The bicycles and other possession of our children also could find a convenient place for storing them safely and securely. In addition to all these petty benefits the new garage could also increase the value of our home as well.

So I honestly advice any home owners who plan to add a garage to their existing home to make use of small garage plans as it is very easy and is very comfortable also. I also advice that if you are ready to spend some time for this purpose you can avoid unnecessary expenditures that may arise when you entrust the work to a home improvement contractor washington dc.

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