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Quartz kitchen countertops have seen a relatively new invention that is fairly becoming popular among millennials, all around the globe.

Recycled Glass Countertops

Granite installers have seen the high end of the market for quite some time now. Now the tables have turned and people’s interest have started flowing towards materials which are made from recycled. The ecofriendly ‘recycled glass countertops’ are made from 80% of recycled glass, which is taken from broken cold drink bottles and traffic lights.


Although granite installers brag about more than 20 shades of granite, making it a fancy kitchen accessory but creativity is ended upon the intricate aesthetics of recycled glass countertops. They come in all shapes and sizes and the coolest part is that no two recycled glass countertops can be same, considering the machine which chipped the glasses and their holding container.

Recycled glass countertops come in two categories:

  • Those protected in acrylic
  • Those protected by concrete

Both of them are equally durable and give a cleaner look as compared to granite slabs. The ones protected in acrylic give a vision of liquid crystals while those embodied by tough concrete present a mosaic look.

Who Should Use Recycled Glass Countertops?

For people interested in breaking stereotypes. It has been a long time since the world has seen its fair share of granite installers. Now it is time to give due appreciation to quartz kitchen countertops. Granite countertops have that limited dark aura which is commonly found in every other house, but color range of recycled glass crystals are limitless. Made from thousands of different minerals and chipped inside either an acrylic or concrete framework, you have unlimited variety to choose from. If you have seen an interesting color design from the internet, quartz kitchen countertop manufacturers can make it a reality.

Recycled glass containers are commonly used in restaurants, commercial areas and they attract a lot of appreciation from customers.

Cons of Using Recycled Glass Countertops

Although both, acrylic and concrete glass countertops have a sturdy nature yet, they can break if you apply too much weight or pressure on them. They are also subjected upon intense heat conditions.

Their use is not wise in place which see rough wear and tear but for casual and decent usage, quartz kitchen countertops are becoming a thing.

Costing Factors:

The low end recycled glass countertops cost around $40 – $50 per foot while high end go all the way to $80 per foot. The cost of installation in form of labor charges is around $85 per hour. However, once you install a glass countertop, you don’t have to seal it annually, as with the case of granite countertops because granite is a porous material and it traps bacteria. For recycled glass countertops, just clean them regularly with soap and warm water. All of these reasons make less expenses for recycled glass countertops as compared to granite countertops. To make your quartz glass countertops more durable, people use good quality material, which is thicker from inside. Since recycled glass countertops have a unique touch, seams and backsplashes must have a similar pattern to look appealing from a wider angle.

Similarly, sometimes you have to make curves along edges to make the area safe for children. The other curve formation is made around sink, to make the slab fit.

All of these factors drive up the cost. To know the full price upfront, it is better to discuss this with quartz glass countertops companies.


No one denies the importance of granite countertops but it is worthwhile to know that they have started receiving a major competition in form of recycled glass countertops. Being ecofriendly, made from recycled products and considerably cheaper in cost than granite slabs, millennials are favoring them due to their umpteenth range of colors.

They are chip resistant and require less maintenance than granite countertops if installed by a good granite installers rockville md but upon intense temperatures, they may crack so their use is not preferred in places which see a lot of public and inexperienced staff.

However, if you have a low budget, want to attract heads and receive admiration for your aesthetic skills of home/workplace decoration, invest in recycled glass countertops.

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