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Balayage hair highlights is a very popular and beautiful hair coloring or highlighting technique. But, did you know that there is something called wet balayage? Here is everything you need to know about wet Balayage.

What To Know About Wet Balayage Or Wetlights?

There is no astronomical difference between wet Balayage and regular Balayage, other than the fact that wet Balayage is done on wet hair and dry Balayage is done on dried hair. If you know anything about hair coloring techniques, then it is a known fact that hair is washed before any color application.

The same goes with wet balayage, but the difference is that, where in most techniques, the hair is blow-dried and then color is applied, in wet balayage, the color application is done on wet hair. The hair is only slightly towel dried before the color application begins and the whole process is pretty much the same.

How Is Wet Balayage Different From Regular Balayage?

Since the application and the process of both wet and normal Balayage are the same, then which one is better? Here are some things you should know about wet balayage:

  • There is no heat involved, so it’s much healthier for your hair and you don’t damage your hair as much as in dry Balayage.
  • Bleach applied to the hair is much less in quantity in wet balayage, as compared to that normal Balayage. It doesn’t lead to stripping of the hair and it gives a more natural look.
  • The main focus of the application is on the ends, so it gives a very subtle look of the highlights. If you don’t want to go for something super dramatic, then you should definitely consider wet balayage.
  • The color payoff is a lot richer and it gives a more potent appearance of the hair dye, as compared to other Balayage and highlights techniques.
  • Wet Balayage is very low maintenance and doesn’t need a lot of care and looking after, because something about the wet hair and hair dye just works together and it gives a more permanent look and increases the longevity of the hair highlights.

Technique Of Wet Balayage/Wetlights

As mentioned above, wet Balayage is done on wet hair, so the technique is pretty much the same as normal balayage, but here is a run-down of how it’s done:

  • Your hair will be washed and all products and sebum will be removed. This is necessary for hair dye application because you don’t want any product or build-up in your scalp before you apply anything to your hair. It will not give the same results as compared to when you wash your hair and apply the hair dye after.
  • The next obvious step should be hair drying, right? Well, in wet balayage, your hair is left mostly wet and only towel dried to prevent sopping wet hair. This is the only difference between normal Balayage and wet balayage. In dry Balayage, normally, hair will be dried completely using a blow dryer.
  • Next, the sections are decided on where you want your highlights to be. Then the painting process begins. You can get beautiful highlights with the feathering technique of Balayage and it will look amazing. With wet balayage, another huge plus point is the natural look of the hair dye. It doesn’t give you a dramatic look and you can get away with dyeing your hair.
  • Next, is the waiting game. You are going to have to wait for at least 30 to 40 minutes for the color to develop before the hair is washed once again. The hair will also be dry by the time the hair dye is developed.
  • Then, your hair will be blow-dried and styled accordingly. This is the first time during the entire wet Balayage process that a blow dryer will be used, and that too, for the final hair styling and finishing.


There you have it! Wet Balayage or wetlights are going to give your hair a more rich look and the color is very prominent too. So what are you waiting for? Have a go at it! Get them from the best balayage hair salons Rockville so your hair doesn’t show the story of a disaster.

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