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Getting eyelash extensions from a hair salon is an expensive process. And you might not want to ruin your extensions before their time is over. Here’s a guide on how you can take care of eyelash extensions and how you can shower with them on.

Taking A Bath With Eyelash Extensions

It is totally fine to take a bath with your eyelash extensions on. But, after 24-48 hours.

You might hear your eyelash extension technician telling you to keep your extensions dry for at least 24 hours. It’ll help the glue set in. And after that, you can do whatever. Take a bath, cry (happy tears only), swim, or whatever.

Note: Keep your eyes as dry as you can. And avoid direct splashes.

What If You Really Have To Take A Bath?

Avoiding a shower is a win-win. But if you really have to take a bath within 24 hours, there are some tips and tricks for that.

Use Swimming Goggles

To help avoid the water getting near your extensions, you can use swimming goggles. Make sure they’re clean and dry before you wear them.

Moreover, before trying them on, make sure they don’t leak or break. You might get the markings near your eyes with goggles. But these lines will disappear after some time.

Another essential thing, bathe in the cold or Lukewarm water to avoid getting your goggles foggy. Or otherwise, the humidity will weaken your eyelash extensions.

Bathing Without Goggles

If you’re a non-swimmer and don’t have goggles, there is no need to buy a pair. You can bathe without swimming goggles too. But this should be your last option to try.

While taking a bath within 24-48 hours of getting eyelash extensions, you need to avoid direct water pressure on your face. Therefore, face the head of the shower downwards away from your face. And don’t tilt your head a lot. Or else, the water might trip from your head to your eyes.

Do’s And Don’ts To Help Your Eyelash Extensions Last Long

Keep Your Lashes Dry For 24-48 Hours

Just after your stylist glued in your lashes, keep them dry to help the glue set in. And even if you get your extensions wet by accident, dry them as soon as possible by dabbing on them.

If you’re using swimming goggles to take a bath, clean the area near your eyes dry before removing the goggles.

Bath In Lukewarm Water

Your priority should be to bathe in cold water. But, if it’s winter, you can take a shower in Lukewarm water. Try to avoid warm water as much as you can. It is because the humidity that comes with warm water can weaken your eyelash extensions. Or else, it can make the glue stiff, resulting in breakage of your extensions before their expiry time.

Brush Through Your Eyelash Extensions

Extensions are anything but real. Therefore, unlike your natural lashes for which you don’t need to worry about the tangles. You need to brush your extensions.

Use a disposable mascara wand to brush through your lashes, starting from the roots to the tips.

Use A Q-Tip To Remove Makeup

You’re not supposed to remove your makeup with cotton balls or cotton pads on or near your eyes. Or else you’ll end up rubbing and stumbling your eyelash extensions.

Either way, use a Q-tip to remove the make around and over your eyes. And make sure to be gentle there.

Don’t Use Oil-based Products

All those vegetable oils, mineral oils, and coconut oils can weaken your extensions’ glue. Therefore, avoid using such oils and oil-based products.

Don’t Use Water Proof Makeup

Waterproof makeup products, such as waterproof mascara, are prohibited for your extension. Instead, use a simple one that is easy to remove later. And make sure you’re applying the mascara starting away from the glue to the tips. So that you won’t rub the glue while taking the mascara off.

Do Not Curl Your Lashes

Brushing your lashes and curling them are two different things. You can brush your extensions, but curling them will cause damage.

Therefore, do not try to use an eyelash curler on your extension. Or else, your extensions will start to fall off before their expiry time. Take aftercare tips from the eyelash extension salon to keep them for extended period of time. Hypno

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