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Indoor air quality plays an important role when it comes to both commercial and residential buildings. Having quality indoor air results in comfort, safety, and productivity. However, sometimes the air quality is not up to the mark due to negligence. HVAC maintenance is needed by commercial air conditioning repair technicians to ensure optimum performance. So, let’s take a look at how you can improve the indoor air quality of your commercial building to prevent any health concerns in the future.

Change HVAC Filters Regularly

Commercial and residential buildings can become quite hot during the summer season. In fact, HVAC systems are needed even when the temperature is freezing outside. In other words, you can say that HVAC systems work almost throughout the air.

That said, it is highly likely that the air filters become contaminated with dust, dirt, debris, etc. Air filters need to be cleaned and replaced after a specific interval. Every manufacturer suggests replacing the air filters based on the version, type, and region.

Therefore, if you are unsure of when to clean or replace the air filters, simply consult the user’s manual. The reason is that ignoring cleaning or replacing the filters will contaminate the indoor air. This could be problematic if you have kids in the buildings and the elderly who suffer from allergies.

Source Control

Another way of improving indoor air quality in your commercial building is by reducing sources of pollution. For instance, you should avoid using or installing fixtures that contain asbestos, which is a known element to contaminate the air.

Furthermore, source control is a comparatively more cost-effective technique to improve indoor air quality than expanding ventilation as it will simply add to your energy costs. In addition to that, you can also add in-duct air purifiers into your household or commercial HVAC system to help remove pollutants, etc.

Improve Building Ventilation

In addition to source control and replacing the air filters, you can also try improving the ventilation of your commercial building by increasing the amount of outdoor air that enters the building. You can install economizers in your building that increase fresh air ventilation both efficiently and cost-effectively.

You should run the HVAC system during occupied hours so that fresh air can enter and be distributed throughout the building. At the same time, you should also open the windows and doors on the opposite sides to encourage cross-ventilation.

However, before you can welcome the outdoor air inside, make sure that you evaluate the quality. Since commercial buildings are located in busy streets where traffic hardly ever comes to a stop, chances are that the air is full of pollutants, toxins, and contaminants.

Such air quality can also affect the indoor temperature, which can make things uncomfortable even if the HVAC is running at its max.

Keep The Area Clean

Commercial buildings experience constant human traffic throughout the day. And then there are contaminants and toxins sneaking indoors from the outside. That said, the simplest way to improve the indoor air quality in your commercial building is by keeping the area clean.

People will sneeze, cough, etc. which will contaminate the indoor air and other items that they touch. This means that you should make sure to sanitize commonly used items in the building such as door handles. If there are carpets or rugs in the building, you should get them cleaned once or twice a year and vacuum them weekly.

Use Air Cleaning Devices

Finally, investing in air cleaning devices such as dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, and air purifiers is a great way of maintaining excellent indoor air quality. There is a huge variety of air filters out there but not all stand up to the mark. Therefore, you will have to be a bit careful while selecting an air-cleaning device. Simply check the ACH and CFM values of the device, that will guide you to the right option.

Final Word

Improving the indoor air quality of your commercial building is not a complicated task. It mainly has to do with adequate cleaning and maintenance. However, if that is not sufficient, you can always go for air cleaning devices and increase the ventilation to help circulate fresh air inside the building. Look for commercial HVAC companies Huntington that provide related services.

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