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If you are running a business, you must be well aware of the importance of your commercial gas oven. If it were to malfunction, the entire business would come to a halt and you’ll have to wait for a commercial appliances repair company to send a technician for repairs. To help prevent such situations, we have gathered a list of some commercial gas oven problems along with their solutions that you should be aware of. Let’s begin!

Pilot Light Won’t Ignite

The pilot light problem is perhaps the most common issue amongst commercial gas ovens. Usually, this problem arises when the thermostat is not set at the correct position. Ovens consist of a component called a thermocouple that comes in contact with the flame directly. Therefore, it is not while lighting the pilot, the safety valve will not open as well.

However, if the thermocouple is directly in the flame and will not stay lit, then you might be having a malfunctioning thermocouple. You will need to replace it. Today, some gas ovens come with safety valves that have attached thermocouples so that you can replace the entire valve. If replacing the thermocouple does not solve your issue, then you will need to replace the safety valve. While replacing the thermocouple or safety valve, make sure that you opt for the factory component.

Oven Not Reaching Enough Temp

The gas oven not reaching enough temperature is another common problem. Even though new thermostats come pre-programmed from the factory and do not require calibration, but in some cases, you might end up with a faulty thermostat. It might be that it requires calibration or replacement. If calibration does not solve your problem, you will need to replace it.

How To Calibrate A Commercial Gas Oven?

If calibration is supposed to solve the issue, you should know how to do it on your own. First, grab an accurate thermostat and place it inside the oven setting the temperature to 250 degrees. Now, open the plate that is located below the oven door and observe the burner flame. If you notice that the flame goes off before the oven reaches the set temperature, you will likely be able to calibrate it.

Proceeding with the calibration, remove the thermostat knob and verify the type you have. Typically, thermostats are offered in two types: a round disc type thermostat and the D shaft featuring a small screw at the center. If you have the round disc type, you should turn the disc about a fraction at a time in either direction. Continue adjusting it until the burner returns. If it doesn’t, the culprit is the thermostat.

However, if the burners come back on, it means calibration will solve the issue but it will take a while before correct calibration is achieved.

Cooking Food Unevenly

While using a commercial gas oven, you might notice that the food cooks unevenly. This might be due to heating elements as well as the temperature sensors. If the thermostat has been recently replaced, it might be the culprit. The thermostat consists of a capillary tube that holds the bulb in place. If the capillary tube has been misplaced, the oven will cook the food unevenly.

To make sure if the problem is with the heating elements, you need to check if the heating elements are glowing. As the temperature increases, the temperature sensor resistance should as well. If you find them not working, you will need to replace them.

Oven Not Getting Power

If you notice that your oven is not starting, you should check the power or gas source. Make sure the switch is turned on and the power cord or gas pipe is plugged in. If the problem remains, you will need to contact a technician. Plus, you should not play around and try to fix the unit itself if you are not aware of the basics. You might end up hurting yourself or damaging other expensive components.

Final Word

Concluding, troubleshooting a commercial gas oven can be both easy and tricky. You should follow the tips highlighted above to find the issue. However, when it comes to the replacement, you should consult a commercial gas oven repair service. Although commercial gas ovens are pretty safe nowadays but are still dangerous enough to cause damage. topac

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