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It is common for people to seek knee pain treatment. Knee injuries and pain is common. Every year over 10 million people visit the doctor at least once with a knee pain complaint. Whilst is surely possible to trust home remedies for knee pain treatment – in cases of severe pain and trauma, it is best to seek professional help. There are many common types, causes and treatments of knee injuries. We will look at all in detail below in this article.

Understanding the Knee Structure

Let’s begin by talking about the knee structure. Being familiar with the knee structure is very helpful to understand the knee problems as well.

Functions of Knee

The knee is one of the most intricate and complex bone joint in the body. With great flexibility required of it, there are multiple purposes of knee joints. Common functions of the knee joint including bending, sitting, jump, running or simply walking.

Components of Knee Joint

There are four components of the knee joint.

  • The bones are the substantial core element of the knee joint. There are three bones; femur, shinbone and tibia that are joined together to form the knee and are covered by a kneecap at joining point.
  • The bones are covered with a cartilage. The cartilage is basically a tissue that acts as an additional protective layer on the knee for added support.
  • The ligaments act as connecting ropes that hold the bones together in position.
  • Finally, the tendons are tissues that connect the muscles with the bones and support leg movement.

Types of Knee Injures

There are several types of knee injuries that a person might suffer from. The most common are the following highlighted below.

  1. Dislocation

Dislocation is a type of knee injury in which the bones of the knee are dislocated and lose their alignment and arrangement.

  1. Fractures

Fractures are the most common type of knee joint injuries. The fracture indicates towards severe damage to the bone and in most cases broken knee bones.

  1. Bursitis

Bursae are small fluid-filled cushions that provide support to the knee joint and aid muscle movement in the knee. Swelling in the bursae sacs due to injury is known as bursitis.

Treatment of Knee Injuries

There are many possible knee injury treatments that can be trusted to help relieve pain from knee.

  1. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a trusted knee injury treatment. It is the best trusted option when you lose movement and mobility in the knee and wish to restore it.

  1. Bandaging

In many cases when the tissue or muscle around the knee is damaged, it can effectively be cured by rest and bandaging. If there is minor strain on the bone or the bone has been slightly dislocated, it can be fixed in place and a bandage can help seal the bone in position.

  1. Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee joint replacement surgery is the best option when the nature of knee injury is severe. Moreover, a knee joint replacement Mclean, VA surgery takes at least 6 to 12 weeks to heal.

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