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While granite has been there since the beginning of time, Quartz countertops have been relatively new. Today, they have a loyal fan following due to a number of qualities. These include good durability, nice appearance, and the fact that they do not carry the negative points of natural stone such as granite.

Quartz countertops are also referred to as engineered stone countertops. Nevertheless, one thing is certain that these countertops are going to stay around for a long time. There is because they carry a good range of strengths.

What are the benefits of quartz countertops?

In this article, we discuss all the benefits of quartz countertops in comparison to others. So, in case you have been planning to buy quartz tops but have been confused, you have arrived at the right place. This article will help you in getting some good clarity. In this regard, consider the reasons mentioned below:


Quartz tops are very attractive, and is also considered to be a manufactured product. This is primarily because it does not exist in its natural form in nature. The quartz that we see in countertops is not the original natural quartz. Rather, it is an engineered product which is a mixture.

Due to its manufacturing processes, quartz tops come in a wide range of colors and textures that you can choose from. These colors will usually not be available in granite and marble countertops. Furthermore, the finished product looks even more luxurious and richer as compared to natural stone. Other solid surface materials cannot really mimic such depth.


In terms of durability, quartz is just as competitive as other countertop materials such as granite and concrete. At the same time, though, it is much more forgiving in comparison. Hence, it is not likely to get cracked or chipped very easily. Though, it does not have the same feeling of hardness as concrete and granite. This is something that puts many people off. However, technically speaking, it is very hard and durable material.


Like other countertops with hard surfaces, quartz tops are totally non-porous. This means that it will not let liquids such as water and oil seep into it. Hence, it is much difficult to stain. In comparison, granite is very porous due to which with as to be sealed almost every year. However, since quartz is non-porous, you do not have to seal it every year. Rather, you can stay confident that your countertop will remain totally clean. This is a big benefit for your bathroom and kitchen both of them.

What should you watch out?

When it comes to engineered stone, there are a number of cons though. For some people, quartz can be very expensive. For instance, the prices can go as high as $300 per square foot. So, make sure that you have the budget that you need first. Furthermore, quartz offer a contemporary look. This is not always a weakness since it depends on one’s own aesthetics. However, if you are trying to get a more vintage or natural look, consider going for butcher block or natural stone.


Quartz countertops are extremely popular and for good reason. They make wonderful tops that last for many years to come. At the same time, they blend in very well with contemporary kitchens. In case your kitchen has a natural look, then reach out to granite installers Durham NC instead. This will be much better for you in that case. Still, quartz countertops even have some advantages over granite and other natural stones. All of these advantages have been mentioned above for your ease. So, you are ready to make your decision now.

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