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Hair extensions are great if you want to add that extra volume to your hair. But sometimes, they might have a tendency to get loose and fall out, especially if you don’t take proper care of them or don’t get hair extensions in salon. Here’s everything you need to know about why it happens.

They Are Not Properly Applied

The biggest and main reason why your hair extensions are not intact is the fact that you applied them by yourself. Salon-applied hair extensions are extremely strong and they are applied to your hair by experts, which means that they are not going anywhere.

If you have done this at home by yourself, then obviously the application is going to be blotchy and it won’t sit in your hair for too long, before it starts to fall off, even with the slightest force.

Application Of Harsh Chemicals

After hair extensions are applied, the technician will usually advise you to not put anything in your hair for the next 24 to 48 hours. This allows the adhesive or tapes to set in the hair. If you immediately apply some sort of harsh chemical on your hair, like hair dye, bleach, or whatever, it might ruin the adhesive and the hair extensions might fall off.

This is why you shouldn’t touch your hair until the allocated time is up and even after that, you need to be careful about applying extremely harsh and dangerous chemicals to your hair.

Not Washing Hair Properly

If you don’t wash your hair properly, then there might be a lot of product buildup on your scalp. If your scalp is clogged with dandruff and sebum, then it will cause the hair to fall.

Make sure that you are getting in there with your fingers and massaging your scalp nicely, with enough force to scrub off the product buildup but not too forcefully, which might cause the extensions to rip from your hair. Your hair will also look much cleaner and less oily and dirty after you wash it properly.

Oil Buildup In Scalp

This can happen with people who have naturally oily scalps. If you see that your hair gets oily pretty fast, then it might affect the extensions as well and if there’s too much oil left on your hair for too long, then it can weaken the bond of the extensions and they might fall off.

This is why you need to wash your hair regularly, especially if your scalp tends to get dirty quickly, and use products that control the oil production in your scalp. These things will do wonders for your hair and you won’t see the extensions falling from your hair.

Thin Hair

Hair extensions need something to hold on to. Your hair needs to be marginally thicker if you don’t want the extensions to fall off. If you have super thin and sparse hair, then the extensions won’t have anything to grip themselves to and they might slip and fall. This can also be the case with extremely silky hair.

Silky and thin hair is not a good combination, because there is no grip or friction between the strands and the extensions can fall off pretty easily, even with the lightest of tugs on them or even the hair.

The Adhesive Got Wet

Last but not least, if you have gotten tape or adhesive-based hair extensions, then you need to take care that the tape doesn’t get wet. If the tape or adhesive comes in contact with water, then it can loosen over time and eventually fall off.

So, whenever you wash your hair, make sure that you dry the base of the extensions first and don’t let them stay wet for longer periods of time. This is going to save you from making a trip to the salon to fix the mess, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.


There you have it! These are the main causes why hair extensions can fall out of the hair. The best thing you can do is take care of them and be gentle around the area where they’re secured. Furthermore, visit a hair extensions salon Potomac so they are applied expertly by a hairstylist.

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